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Chinese Way of Healing (03:20)


Bill Moyers reflects on emotions and healing. Dr. David Eisenberg accompanies him on his travels through China. Doctors employ modern Western medical techniques and traditional practices.

Chinese Medicine (06:54)

Over 2,500 patients with a variety of health issues enter the traditional Beijing hospital every day; they have a choice of two medical systems. Patients collect Western prescriptions and/or herbal medicines. Moyers examines the herbal pharmacy and "boil the medicine room"; he learns about chi.

Temple of Heaven Hospital (03:54)

Doctors at the Western neurological hospital use acupuncture as a form of anesthesia; they remove a tumor from a patient's brain while she is conscious. Moyers and Eisenberg discuss skepticism and chi energy.

Acupuncture Treatment (03:54)

Patients receive acupuncture for a variety of chronic diseases. A doctor treats a woman for Bell's palsy, placing needles in the large intestine meridian. Moyers examines a meridian map. Eisenberg recalls trying to learn acupuncture.

Massage Treatment (04:33)

Doctors can manipulate chi with their hands; massage is one of the main units in the Beijing hospital. Dr. Zahn treats two women with fibrocystic breast disease and shows Moyers how his chi flows.

Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong (05:36)

Moyers and Eisenberg watch people exercise at People's Park in Shanghai. Movement is as important as eating or sleeping. Eisenberg explains the traditional definition of health.

White Cloud Temple (06:36)

Thoughts and emotions shape your health or illness; Daoism is the basis for this philosophy. Moyers and Eisenberg visit a Daoist temple. Prof. Wang Jin Pei draws Chinese characters and discusses creation and the flow of chi.

Qigong (05:11)

Eisenberg discusses why he came to China and a Daoist proverb. He and Moyers visit another hospital where patients practice qigong. Patients find the Dan Tien point in their bodies.

Purple Bamboo Park (06:10)

Master Xir leads students in chi exercises. He can project his energy to move students physically.

External Qigong (03:12)

A doctor uses his energy to redirect the flow of his patient's energy; the man has a brain tumor. The patient describes what he feels during the treatment. The doctor states that we should not dismiss qigong or exaggerate its effects.

Tai Chi Chuan (05:24)

Ma Yue Liang is a grandmaster of tai chi chuan. The 91-year-old says that it took him 10 years to discover his chi and 30 years to learn how to use it; perseverance is essential. Eisenberg reflects on blending traditional medicine and Western practices.

Credits: Episode 1: The Mystery of Chi (Healing and the Mind) (01:09)

Credits: Episode 1: The Mystery of Chi (Healing and the Mind)

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Episode 1: The Mystery of Chi (Healing and the Mind)

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In this episode, Bill Moyers travels to China to learn about healing and the mind from another culture. “What I discovered in China was another way of thinking about mind and body, about health and illness and a phenomenon called chi,” Bill Moyers tells the audience in his introduction. Later on in the episode, in a park where hundreds are practicing Tai Chi, he observes: “I can see that although traditional Chinese medicine seems alien to Westerners, it does have something to offer our practice with medicine. On the one hand there’s the practical contribution it can make, herbs for certain diseases, acupuncture. But there’s another level that’s becoming clear to me … that to these people it seems that health is not just the absence of illness, it’s a philosophy of life.”

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