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Episode 1: The Mystery of Chi (Healing and the Mind)

Part of the Series : Healing and the Mind | No Choice
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In this episode, Bill Moyers travels to China to learn about healing and the mind from another culture. “What I discovered in China was another way of thinking about mind and body, about health and illness and a phenomenon called chi,” Bill Moyers tells the audience in his introduction. Later on in the episode, in a park where hundreds are practicing Tai Chi, he observes: “I can see that although traditional Chinese medicine seems alien to Westerners, it does have something to offer our practice with medicine. On the one hand there’s the practical contribution it can make, herbs for certain diseases, acupuncture. But there’s another level that’s becoming clear to me … that to these people it seems that health is not just the absence of illness, it’s a philosophy of life.”

Length: 57 minutes

Item#: BVL283739

ISBN: 979-8-88678-606-4

Copyright date: ©1993

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