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Introduction: Foreign Correspondent: Life in the Times of Corona (01:32)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy.

COVID-19 Lockdown (05:06)

Emma Alberici's loved ones in Milan share their experiences; bans are becoming more restrictive. Alberici's cousin has a leave pass to go to work. Residents queue for hours outside supermarkets; they have not experienced food shortages.

COVID-19 Restrictions (06:48)

Katrina Wallace and her family live in Sesto Calende; a family friend is in the ICU. Wallace and virologist Roberto Burioni reflect on restriction implementation and case numbers; Burioni sounded an early alarm.

COVID-19 Infections (03:24)

Dr. Guglielmo Gianotti has the coronavirus and is in quarantine; 19 Italian doctors have died from COVID. Gianotti discusses conditions at Cremona Hospital.

COVID-19 Precaution (05:02)

A young couple and their three-year-old have been at home for 23 days; they reflect on the future. Healthcare workers operate out of makeshift wards; doctors want COVID patients to go to hospital only when having serious breathing trouble.

Connecting With Family (03:13)

In Australia, Dr. Gianotti's niece spends time with her friends outdoors. Her best friend is in Milan and can only see friends on screen. The girls discuss the pros and cons of staying home. Alberici worries about her family.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Life in the Times of Corona (00:27)

Foreign Correspondent: Life in the Times of Corona

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Foreign Correspondent: Life in the Times of Corona

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Italy was Europe's coronavirus epicentre, with cases of infected rising by over a thousand daily. In the country's north, hospitals filled up and patients young and old died. This expose looks at Italy's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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