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Introduction: Foreign Correspondent: No Justice, No Peace (01:06)


This segment orients viewers to the movement for equality and justice, sparked by the death George Floyd.

Police Violence (05:05)

People gather at the site of Floyd's death. Minneapolis has some of the worst levels of racial inequality in the U.S. Max Graves discusses an encounter with police. The Minneapolis Police Department uses force against black people seven times more than against whites.

Demonstrations and Violence (05:36)

Floyd's death is the latest in a series of violent, racist encounters with Minneapolis police. Protests begin after officials do not bring charges against the officers; the situation deteriorates. Demonstrations reach the White House and spread around the world; a participant discusses implications.

Houston, TX (03:03)

Police Chief Art Acevedo supports a one-model policy across the nation. Sally Sara discusses death statistics of and by police officers.

Baltimore, Maryland (06:16)

Freddie Gray's death at the hands of police triggers an uprising. Devon Allen's photographs tell a deep story. JC Faulk visits the site of what was a shrine to Gray and reflects on President Trump. The average black family earns half that of white families.

Minneapolis and Baltimore (06:03)

The Attorney General announces charges against the officers involved in Floyd's death. Scott McDonnell creates a community hub. Protestors want the police department dismantled. In Baltimore, Faulk helps feed the vulnerable and reflects on nationwide protests. Allen considers change.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: No Justice, No Peace (00:36)

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: No Justice, No Peace

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Foreign Correspondent: No Justice, No Peace

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What began as a hashtag seven years ago has transformed into a global movement for justice and equality for black people. Sally Sara presents and emotional and powerful report on #BlackLivesMatter, the force galvanising the rage and grief triggered by George Floyd’s death.

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