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Introduction: Foreign Correspondent: Road to Reunion (02:38)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of the U.S. immigration policy that separated children from their families and a reunion between Keldy Gonzáles Brebe and her family.

U.S./Mexico Border (04:34)

Brebe takes refuge in Ciudad Juarez; she anticipates reuniting with her family in the U.S. ACLU lawyer Lee Gelernt discusses the Trump Administration separation policy.

Asylum Seeker (04:03)

From Ciudad Juarez, Brebe provides regular online sermons; she and her family fled Honduras in 2017. Brebe describes the separation from her children at the border.

Brebe's Family (05:57)

Brebe's mother Amanda cares for Brebe's children; she crossed the border with Brebe's adopted daughter in 2017. Mino and Eric describe separating from their mother; Alex came to the U.S. to be with his brothers. Brebe discusses facing violence in Honduras.

San Pedro Sula. Honduras (05:04)

Sarah Ferguson visits the place the Brebe family fled; Brebe received death threats after testifying against the men who murdered who brother. Warring gangs control many neighborhoods. Police find the bodies of murder victims and arrest hitmen.

La Ceiba, Honduras (07:16)

Ferguson visits Brebe's hometown and the area where her brother Oscar was killed; MS-13 controls the barrio. La Ceiba is a lucrative market for tourism and gangs. Pastor Isaiah reflects on Brebe and those looking for her; he preaches to his congregation.

Reunion (02:55)

Brebe's immigration judge ordered deportation back to Honduras; she regularly visits the border gate and prays. Brebe learns she can soon enter the U.S. and reunites with her family.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Road to Reunion (00:14)

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Road to Reunion

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In a world TV exclusive, Sarah Ferguson reports on the fallout of a US immigration policy that tore families apart, separating over 5,000 children from their parents. She tracks the journey of one mother seeking to reunite with her children after four painful years alone.

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