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Introduction: Foreign Correspondent: The Sinking Sea (01:42)


This segment orients viewers to the Dead Sea, its healing powers, and its diminishing waters. The area is at the center of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

En Gedi (04:10)

The River Jordan empties into the Dead Sea. Eric Tlozek and Carmit Ish-Shalom explore the former beach side resort. Sinkholes have destroyed the area and more will appear as the sea shrinks. The Israeli side of the Dead Sea has over 6,000 sinkholes.

Floodplain (05:14)

Scientists study the area near En Gedi to learn more about sinkholes. Cameras capture footage of flash floods rushing through dry riverbeds. Scientists gather sinkhole water samples and test them in the lab.

Dead Sea Shrinkage (08:06)

People pump water to shallow evaporation ponds, attracting tourists. Factories extract minerals to make potash. Water diverted from the Sea of Galilee supplies Israel’s population; Syria and Jordan also remove water. Palestinian villages experience water shortages causing conflict with Jewish settlers.

Jordan Valley (06:07)

Israeli farms and Jewish settlements have plenty of water. David Elhayani discusses "greening" the area. Israel controls all the water in the valley. Priests of the Armenian Orthodox Church visit the baptismal site; the Israeli military controls access. Sewage and runoff pollute the waters.

Dead Sea (04:16)

Despite the dangers, visitors swim in the area. The sinkholes are only accessible because the sea is shrinking. Tlozek cites water management proposals. Experts reflect on the floodplain becoming a tourism site and water loss.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: The Sinking Sea (00:22)

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: The Sinking Sea

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A visually stunning story that travels through the ancient lands to unravel the mysteries of the vanishing sea. Today, the Dead Sea is disappearing, its waterline receding year by year. And the fight over this diminishing resource is fueling tensions between Palestinians and Israelis. Upstream in the Jordan Valley, the waters which feed into the Dead Sea have been diverted for agriculture. The impact is being felt by Palestinian farmers who are protesting that they are not getting their fair share of water, while the Jewish settlers have used the water well, making an arid land productive and fertile. Downstream, because of less water, the landscape around the Dead Sea is being dramatically transformed and is collapsing in on itself, creating sinkholes. Reporter Eric Tlozek takes us on a spectacular journey to examine the issues.

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