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Jan. 6, 2021 (03:53)


Supporters of Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol building. Trump believed the election was stolen and incited the attack at a rally earlier in the day. Ashli Babbitt and four other people died.

Insurrectionists (03:32)

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters went to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6. Trump had been calling for supporters to come to the capital since Dec. 19. Multiple Trump allies hyped up the crowd before he took the stage.

Trump's Speech (05:07)

Donald Trump Jr. posted a selfie video before his dad went onstage at the rally. Trump continued the message that he won the election and his supporters needed to fight back. In Congress, officials feared Trump's retribution if they certified the election for Joe Biden.

Proud Boys (07:48)

The right-wing extremist group began marching to the Capitol Building and attacking barricades while Trump was still speaking. Trump told the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by" during a presidential debate in 2020.

Attack on Western Steps (03:49)

Rioters clashed with police on the steps of the Capitol Building. Journalists observed that the Proud Boys used the language of war and treated the riot like a siege. The rioters broke through the final barricade and advanced toward the western doors and windows.

Planned Attack (03:30)

Former Homeland Security official Elizabeth Neumann said the FBI was aware of a possible attack but did not treat it as creditable. The insurrectionists seemed to know the layout of the building. Many believed the Proud Boys targeted specific Congressional leaders.

Inside the Capital (04:25)

With the mob inside the capitol, Republican Congress members tried to stop the election certification. The Secret Service began evacuating senior members of Congress, including Nancy Pelosi. Former Trump Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney pleaded with Trump on Twitter to stop the mob.

Outside the Chambers (03:49)

Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman led rioters away from the Senate chambers, where Vice President Mike Pence was located. Rioters attempted to break into the House chambers when Babbitt was shot and killed.

Trump's Message to Rioters (02:15)

Trump stayed quiet until after police reinforcements arrived at the Capitol and started to repel rioters. He did not denounce the rioters' actions but told them to go home.

Inauguration Day (07:16)

Officials heavily fortified Washington D.C. on the day of Biden's inauguration; extremist groups vowed to stay away. Many Americans felt unrepresented by Biden but viewed him as a better choice than Trump. Many Trump supporters still believe the election was stolen.

Credits: "Four Corners: Downfall - The Last Days of President Trump" (00:25)

Credits: "Four Corners: Downfall - The Last Days of President Trump"

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On January 6, the most sacred symbol of American democracy was stormed by supporters of Donald Trump, unleashing violence and destruction. As lawmakers gathered to certify the election results, Trump’s inflammatory ‘stop the steal’ rhetoric fanned the flames on an already fevered atmosphere. This gripping account of the insurrection is told by eyewitnesses in vantage points around the Capitol Building, watching as the riot gathered pace and the mob broke through barriers to reach the politicians trapped inside. Award-winning reporter Sarah Ferguson confronts some of those who answered the President’s call to overturn the election result, and those who loyally served Donald Trump at the very highest level. With President Biden in the White House, the Republican party continues to grapple with its political future. Defeated, disgraced, and now twice-impeached, Donald Trump may be out of office, but the anger he unleashed continues to threaten.

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