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Alexander Payne's Education and Inspiration (03:02)


Payne examines the disappointment of the American male through satire. He was born in 1961 in Nebraska. He attended Stanford before getting his Master of Fine Arts degree from UCLA.

"Citizen Ruth" (04:46)

Payne's first big project is a satirical film about the abortion debate; Laura Dern plays a drug addict. Every character in the movie is believable, a characteristic of all of his films.

"Election" (04:15)

Payne's second film stars Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. The cynical comedy ais bout a school election

"About Schmidt" (04:56)

This 2002 film stars Jack Nicholson and is about a man who reassess his life after his retirement and the death of his wife.

"Sideways" (05:23)

This 2002 film is about two men who tour wine country where they meet two women. It stars Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen, and Sandra Oh.

"The Descendants" (05:39)

George Clooney stars in this 2011 comedy/drama. While his wife is in a coma, the main character learns she was having an affair. He reconnects with his children while dealing with human and legal complications.

"Nebraska" 2013 (05:54)

This 2013 film stars Bruce Dern and Will Forte as father and son who go on a road trip. Dern is looking for purpose in his life.

"Downsizing" (07:19)

Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig star in this 2017 satire on American society and wealth. Payne struggled with a new genre as evidenced by the ending of the film.

Credits: Alexander Payne (The Directors, Season 7) (00:43)

Credits: Alexander Payne (The Directors, Season 7)

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This series looks at the 20th century’s iconic film directors; the real innovators whose breakthrough direction made film into the movies. Their early lives, often escaping war or poverty found expression in theatre, then film, forming the fundamental art that is cinema. This episode focuses on Alexander Payne.

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