Segments in this Video

Adult Recollections of Abuse (02:56)


An adult victim of childhood sexual abuse shares the agonies he suffered as a child and as an adult. It was love of his family that he feels brought him back from an emotional death.

Hiding Memories of Abuse (02:15)

A male survivor of childhood sexual abuse describes what a young male boarder did to him. Because he didn't think anyone would help him, he put the memories aside and did not remember the abuse until he was in his thirties.

Abused by a Priest (02:29)

A young teen is sexually abused repeatedly for years by a priest. The boy was terrified to tell anyone and terrified of the abuse. When the priest takes interest in the boy's younger brother, he speaks out.

Asking for Help (01:56)

After years of childhood sexual abuse, a boy realizes in his first year in high school that it would be OK to ask for help. He sees not that getting help was "the greatest act of kindness towards myself."

Victims Helping Victims (01:23)

A child abuse survivor works as an adult with victims of childhood trauma.

Breaking Silence about Abuse (01:47)

Sexually abused for years by a priest, an adult male recalls his sense of liberation when he broke his silence about his abuse.

Group Therapy for Abuse Survivors (04:40)

In an informal group setting, men are able to talk about their abuse and abusers, share how they felt as children, and talk about their realizations of the abuse as adults.

What Happens to the Predators? (03:33)

A young man who was sexually abused by a priest tells the archbishop, who promised he would take steps to rectify the situation. Instead, the priest was assigned to a large parish with plenty of access to children.

When Parents Learn the Truth (01:51)

A man finally tells his mother about the years of abuse and torture he experienced at the hands of a boarder.

Sexual Abuse: Effects on Bonding and Intimacy (02:18)

Male survivors of sexual abuse recall the difficulties they had trusting others and bonding with other men.

Restrictive Laws (04:07)

An adult survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of priest meet with a New Jersey senator and others to try to remove the statute of limitations for civil action against abusers of minors.

Charitable Immunity (03:28)

A law in effect since 1958 in New Jersey protects churches, charities,. and private schools from lawsuits, even in cases of child sexual abuse. In December 2005 the New Jersey State Assembly voted to eliminate charitable immunity protections.

Child Abuse and Adult Crime (06:54)

A man on death row for homicide has a history of violent and repeated childhood sexual abuse. He did not tell anyone about the abuse until he was older.

Adult Emotions (03:51)

A former child sexual abuse victim came very close to killing a man who insulted his sister. Male abuse victims share emotional moments in group therapy.

Childhood Abuse and Adult Sexuality (02:36)

Sexual confusion is common among adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse because children often blame themselves and believe they are homosexuals who somehow invited the abuse. The questions and reactions of others sometimes add to the confusion.

Flashbacks/Issues of Intimacy (03:49)

Adults males discuss flashbacks to their abuse and the difficulties in experiencing intimacy. Many had issues about being touched, and it was difficult to understand what other people wanted from them.

Healing and Love (03:02)

The healing journey from childhood sexual abuse to healthy adult relationships is long and full of dark times. With love and support, former victims find more positive experiences that take the place of the negativity of abuse.

Space for Men to Heal (02:57)

Adult survivors of sexual abuse are in a unique position to listen to and support young men and boys who are being abused. Hope is part of healing.

Credits: Boys and Men Healing from Child Sexual Abuse (02:00)

Credits: Boys and Men Healing from Child Sexual Abuse

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Boys and Men Healing from Child Sexual Abuse

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This wise and compassionate documentary shares the stories of three courageous non-offending men whose determination to deal with the terror, denial, and shame of the sexual abuse they experienced as children has assisted them in reclaiming their lives—and in the process has empowered them to open up, speak out, and take bold action toward prevention for other boys. Topics discussed include the effects of childhood sexual abuse; benefits of support groups; coming to terms with feelings of isolation and mistrust; anti-abuse advocacy and legislation; long-term post-traumatic stress disorder; matters of masculinity, sexual identity, and intimacy; and more. Child sexual abuse perpetrated by clergymen is given special emphasis. (58 minutes)

Length: 59 minutes

Item#: BVL53498

ISBN: 978-1-61753-976-3

Copyright date: ©2011

Closed Captioned

Reviews & Awards

Boys and Men Healing is a powerful film, which will truly benefit men sexually abused as children, and those who care about them…. Kathy Barbini’s film has the potential to transform those stories and voices into healing—not only for individuals but also for families, communities, and even societies.”  —Jim Hopper, Ph.D., founding board member, 1in6


“The film is a powerful message for male survivors who may be too ashamed or caught up in gender stereotypes to progress into healing. This work gives men a model of strength and recovery from something that they did not want in childhood and provides a good message of hope and healing.”  —Ken Singer, LCSW, author, Evicting the Perpetrator: A Male Survivor Guide to Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse


Boys and Men Healing is an excellent film for teaching about children’s experiences of sexual abuse and the multiple influences that support their healing and recovery. I consider this film a marvelous gift!”  —Ernesto Mujica, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, NYSPA Division of Psychoanalysis, facilitator for Weekends of Recovery


“Emotionally powerful.”  —Matthew Mendel, Ph.D., psychologist, author, The Male Survivor: The Impact of Sexual Abuse


“Will have a profound effect.”  —Eileen King, regional director, Justice for Children


“Touching and brave.”  —Alex Bottinelli, resource coordinator, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence


“Use this film to change laws.”  —Senator Joseph Vitale, New Jersey Senate

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