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Black-I Robotics (03:26)


Martin Himel reflects on technology's role in wars. Brian Hart's Land Shark neutralizes suicide bombs with powerful water jets. Hart shares his perspective on robotic technology.

Robotic Development (02:56)

See the Land Shark undergo an IED detection test. Brian Hart hopes the Land Shark becomes standard equipment for infantry units in war theaters. Soldiers remotely operate iRobot's machines using video glasses to see what the robot is registering.

Robots Reduce Risk (02:40)

Dan Theobald's "The Bear" is the most powerful humanoid robot in the world. It serves as a mechanical combat medic. Peter W. Singer considers future trends of robotic warfare.

Unmanned Weaponry (03:13)

The US and Israel are two major exporters of military robotics. Joseph Dyer's "The Warrior" is a prominent offensive infantry robot. See Israeli soldiers engage in a simulated exercise using an "iDrive" robot.

Saving Soldiers (02:10)

Joseph Dyer discusses the robot's role in an infantry unit. Approximately 15% of military casualties occur within 100 yards of the enemy. Robots provide the possibility of non-lethal action.

Robotic Infantry (03:01)

Israeli soldiers use armed, unmanned robotic vehicles such as The Guardian to patrol borders. The Hovering Air Vehicle delivers supplies to soldiers in the field. See experts test the US "Tarantula Hawk."

Robotic Fighter Planes (02:35)

Drones revolutionize air warfare. See footage of U.S. and Israeli drones used in action. Israeli drone cameras reveal militants planting IEDs and fires on the target. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), is an exporter of unmanned aircraft.

Israel Aerospace Industries (03:34)

IAI sells drones to five NATO armies. "The Heron" drone's SAR is one of the most advanced penetrating image systems. John Carni explains the Israeli developed DSP1 camera. See the latest Heron TP drone in action.

Unmanned Fighter Jets (01:39)

Experts work on the X47B, a robotic fighter plane designed to land on aircraft carriers. Lt Col Dan and Joseph Dryer reflect on the future role of fighter pilots.

Robot Army Risks (03:37)

Experts discuss taking human life from a distance. See reconnaissance robots scout abandoned buildings before ground troops enter. See drones fire upon moving targets.

Robots and War (02:55)

Experts discuss the impact of Predator drones on warfare and ethical values. Uniformed soldiers are legally protected in unintentional killings. Reports say that CIA agents have carried out over 140 drone assassinations in Pakistan.

A Ghost Ship (02:34)

Noam, from the Rafael Corporation discusses "The Protector," an unmanned warship. See the results of an attack on the USS Cole. Joseph Dyer discusses American unmanned naval ships in development.

Appropriate Roles (01:41)

Experts discuss the laws and responsibilities of robotic warfare.

Robots and the Infantry (01:57)

Experts reflect on the acceptance of robotic warfare and integrating land, sea, and air robots into the military. See "The Guardian," an unmanned armed patrol vehicle in action during a simulation.

Cutting Edge Projects (03:42)

Dr. Paul Samuel uses four mind control navigational commands to fly a Neuro-Quad. Dr. Humbert discusses soldiers using Neuro-Quads as a spy force. See a demonstration of insect and seed-like robotic spies.

A New Kind of Soldier (01:52)

Joseph Dyer explains how jellyfish are a role model for 21st century spies. He reflects on the role of robots in future warfare.

Credits: Robot Warriors: The Shape of Armies to Come (00:48)

Credits: Robot Warriors: The Shape of Armies to Come

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While drones are perhaps the most talked-about products of cutting-edge military technology, the field of combat robotics is rapidly expanding beyond the use of remote-controlled aircraft. This film clearly shows that in modern warfare, artificial intelligence concepts that once belonged strictly in the realm of science fiction are now evolving into real-world applications. From battlefield reconnaissance to rescue operations conducted under fire, viewers learn about a wide range of computerized, mechanized “warriors” designed to fight like human soldiers. Case studies include a snake-like robot that can scout around corners or in dangerous confined spaces; a mobile medic capable of reaching, lifting, and transporting fallen human comrades; a small hovercraft that can be steered by human brainwaves; and explosive-detection and detonation machines as reliable (and in some cases as beloved) as bomb-sniffing dogs. Whether still in the prototype phase or currently seeing action on foreign soil, all of these innovations are sure to spark discussion and debate about the future of military conflict. (45 minutes)

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