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Introduction: Episode 5: Tidewater: Homecoming (03:39)


The Carolina coast makes Baratunde Thurston feel connected to his outdoor origin story and humanity's collective history. Powerful forces shape the landscape, (Credits)

Great Dismal Swamp (07:53)

The swamp stretches across 175 square miles. Eric Shepherd can trace his roots to Moses Grandy. The swamp is one of the largest Underground Railroad sites; Maroons built communities in the area. Archaeologist Dan Sayers and Thurston visit an island where the Maroons once lived.

Maroon Communities (04:59)

Sayers and Thurston explore the Great Dismal Swamp and locate a Maroon artifact. Shepherd laments the public's lack of knowledge about the Maroons. He and other activists lobby Congress to designate the Great Dismal Swamp a national heritage area.

Jockey's Ridge State Park (07:36)

The Wright Brothers tested their aircraft at the dunes. Billy Vaughn runs a flight school outside Kitty Hawk. He teaches Thurston how to operate a Wright Glider.

Graveyard of the Atlantic (07:33)

Shipwrecks litter the ocean floor off the coast of Cape Hatteras; shoals on the Outer Banks are dangerous. Mark Corbit and Thurston dive the wreck site of the SS Oriental. Corbit has been photographing shipwrecks for 12 years.

Outer Banks (09:11)

People share their thoughts about the beach and wild horses. Meg Puckett and her team work to preserve the horses that roam Corolla; people and horses compete for space. DNA suggests the horses' lineage traces to 16th century Spain. Puckett and Thurston collect DNA samples.

Tangier (11:26)

Approximately 400 people live on the island that is undergoing rapid change; parts of the island are disappearing. Mayor James Eskridge catches and sells soft-shell crabs. He and Thurston visit an area of communities that is now under water. Thurston reflects on his experiences.

Credits: Episode 5: Tidewater: Homecoming (America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston) (00:31)

Credits: Episode 5: Tidewater: Homecoming (America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston)

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Episode 5: Tidewater: Homecoming (America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston)

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Along the coast of North Carolina, there’s more to the outdoor life than sun and surf. As he treks through a daunting swamp, soars above the dunes on a Wright Brothers glider, explores a way of life drowning from climate change and tracks wild horses on the beach, Baratunde discovers how these outdoor environments were shaped by a surprising force: history.

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