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Introduction: Episode 3: LA: It's a Vibe (02:27)


Finding tranquility in Los Angeles is a struggle, but Baratunde Thurston finds ways to connect with nature. The city experiences 300 days of sunshine a year. (Credits)

LA River: Fly Fishing (05:25)

Lino Jubilado and Thurston fish for carp in the concrete encased, garbage-strewn river; the carp are spawning. Fishing has helped Jubilado through tough times.

LA River: Kayaking (04:38)

George Bullard and Thurston traverse the river. Bullard discusses kayaking 51 miles in 2008 to prevent development along the river; the EPA designates the river as traditional navigable waters. Bullard loves to introduce people to the area.

LA Beaches (09:26)

Locals share what they like about Los Angeles. Lizelle Jackson, Joy Madison, and David Malana offer indigenous and people of color free surfing lessons. They discuss surfing origins and the image of surfing in LA; Thurston joins the group on the water.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook (04:27)

Freeways and the transit system limit poorer communities from accessing the biggest city parks. Rosie Alvero and Thurston trek uphill. They discuss park development, and flora,

Combatting Outdoor Inequity (06:14)

Trees are scarce in poorer neighborhoods. Florence Nishida works to change barren lots in West Adams into urban farmland. The community garden has no fence and contains over 115 fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Nishida discusses her connection to gardening.

LA Wildlife (05:01)

Carlos Guana uses a drone to capture film footage; he sees sharks swimming near people on a regular basis. Sharks are the "cleaners" of the ocean. Juvenile shark numbers up the coastline are increasing.

Shark Lab (05:11)

Marine biologist Chris Lowe and Thurston look for sharks off the coast of Santa Barbara; 40 young white sharks call the area home. Lowe and his team tag sharks with GPS trackers. Lowe discusses effects of climate change and understanding sharks.

Fire and Forestry Recruitment Program (10:10)

Rising temperatures, historic droughts, and wildfires transform the Los Angeles' landscape. Royal Ramey and his partner train former inmates to fight wildfires. Delany Montoya discusses her experiences, her future, and nature. Thurston reflects on filming this episode.

Credits: Episode 3: LA: It's a Vibe (America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston) (00:30)

Credits: Episode 3: LA: It's a Vibe (America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston)

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Episode 3: LA: It's a Vibe (America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston)

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Baratunde explores his adopted hometown of Los Angeles to learn how Angelinos connect with the outdoors in their sprawling city. From kayakers saving a polluted river to urban gardens nourishing a community, and Black surfers claiming their place on the waves - even as climate change brings on the sharks - preserving access to outdoor LA is something worth fighting for.

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