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Introduction: Episode 2: Idaho: Tied to the Land (03:15)


Baratunde Thurston treks the tallest freestanding sand dune in North America. He reflects on change and learning more about Idaho. Thurston has never been to one of the fastest growing states in the U.S. (Credits)

Cattle Rancher (05:17)

Martin Black is a fifth-generation rancher. He and Thurston trek across Black's 1,000-acre high inter-mountain desert land. Black discusses the duties and difficulties of ranching and horse riding.

Ranching Lifestyle (04:35)

Black teaches buckaroos skills to supplement his income; he teaches Thurston how to rope a cow. Black reflects on the solitude of his lifestyle and newcomers to Idaho.

Idaho Population and Change (04:42)

Residents list popular outdoor activities. The influx of newcomers has some native residents feeling uneasy. Local filmmaker John Conti recalls moving to Idaho as a teenager and connecting with the area; he shares his outdoor expeditions on a YouTube channel.

Outdoor Lifestyle (04:55)

Conti and Thurston go mountain bike riding. Thurston discusses migration to Idaho and the impact on locals. Conti describes attitudes toward population growth and connecting with the outdoors.

Federally Protected Wilderness (08:22)

Pilot Lori MacNichol offers aerial taxi services in Idaho. She reflects on the development of airstrips, teaching pilots, and common characteristics of those who fly into the backcountry. She teaches Thurston how to taxi an airplane.

Refugee Population (08:09)

Idaho has one of the largest refugee settlement rates in the U.S. The New Roots Program helps young people to assimilate; Thurston joins the group on a hike. Tenei, a student turned councilor, describes his experience with the program and his favorite outdoor activity.

Living Responsibly With Nature (04:26)

The Shoshone-Bannock tribe has a deep understanding of their homelands in the Snake River plain. The river and the salmon are integral to tribal life and spirituality. Hydroelectric dams and climate change significantly affect the salmon population. The tribe sacrifices the fishing season this year.

Tribal Knowledge (08:16)

River Newe facilitates the sharing of knowledge and helps children build connections; the tribe's knowledge is the future. Sammy and Jessica Matsaw teach Thurston how to spear fish. They want people to see and take care of the land. Thurston reflects on his time in Idaho.

Credits: Episode 2: Idaho: Tied to the Land (America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston) (00:31)

Credits: Episode 2: Idaho: Tied to the Land (America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston)

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Episode 2: Idaho: Tied to the Land (America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston)

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Life on the American frontier is evolving. To find out how, and what it means, Baratunde Thurston ventures into the wilds of Idaho in search of its outdoor culture. He finds ranchers and backcountry pilots sharing the wilderness with newly resettled refugees and sees how climate change is playing havoc with the age-old salmon fishery.

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