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Zurich, Switzerland (04:39)


Jon Neely, David Boomer, and Jeff Aiello explore the city before driving to Interlachen. The view from the car contains beautiful mountains and grass covered hills.

Lake Brienz (02:34)

One third of the land in Switzerland is dedicated to agriculture. Neely, Boomer, and Aiello explore backroads. A tourist describes what is amazing about Istelwald.

Lauterbrunnen (05:15)

Glaciers in Jungfrau feed freshwater to the valley below. Neely, Boomer, and Aiello check into a historic hotel before visiting Staubbach Falls.

The Mönch (04:56)

Aiello, Neely, and Boomer take the Jungfrau Railway to the Top of Europe in the Bernese Alps. It is cold, windy, and crowded with tourists.

Matterhorn (04:20)

Aiello, Neely, and Boomer visit one of the most famous mountains in the world. They take a car train through the Alps and take a train to Zermatt.

Credits: Episode 10: Switzerland (Outside: Beyond the Lens, Season 1) (26:49)

Credits: Episode 10: Switzerland (Outside: Beyond the Lens, Season 1)

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Episode 10: Switzerland (Outside: Beyond the Lens, Season 1)

Part of the Series : Outside: Beyond the Lens (Season 1)
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For the season finale, the Beyond The Lens camera crew visits one of the most scenic locations on Earth. Jeff, David and Jon wrap up a year of exploration with their cameras in the heart of the Swiss Alps. A road trip into the green valleys and snow-capped peaks reveals a side of Switzerland that is sometimes overlooked by all the scenic wonders…the people and food. Owners of the oldest hotel in Lauterbrennan tell their amazing story and share some local secrets about how to explore the high mountains of Europe.

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