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City of Music: A Friendship Unlike Any Other... (02:00)


Musicians ponder whether it was a culture that supported the arts or the friendship of composers Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that made Vienna a musical hub.

Perfect Harmony - "Papa" Joseph Haydn (04:12)

Haydn was father of the symphony and string quartet, and Europe's most celebrated composer in the 1780s. He is credited with elevating the cello, which Mozart expanded on.

Perfect Harmony: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (05:02)

Mozart honored "Papa" Haydn and expanded on his musical innovations by writing six quartets. Mozart was a great composer and performer.

Ludwig Van Beethoven (09:26)

Beethoven published his first opus by age 12. He travelled to Vienna to see Mozart at age 17 and later studied under Hayden. He made music out of layered simple, rhythms.

Franz Schubert (09:23)

Schubert crafted melody in a subtly detailed way. By age 19, he had written a symphony to honor Haydn and Mozart. He composed over 1,000 pieces in his short life.

Robert Schumann (08:51)

Schumann was a composer, novelist, humorist, critic, and accomplished pianist. He discovered and published the works of Schubert. He married Clara Vic; her relationship with Johannes Brahms intensified after her husband died.

Johannes Brahms (12:22)

Brahms was a composer, conductor, and pianist; he moved to Vienna in 1963. Most modern UK citizens choose Brahms as their favorite classical composer.

Credits: Sons of Vienna (00:34)

Credits: Sons of Vienna

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From the late 18th century to the early 20th century, Vienna was never without a world famous composer living and working within her friendly confines. It was here that composers from Haydn and Mozart to Beethoven and Brahms wrote the timeless melodies that became the foundation of classical music. In this program, past masters, seven in all, are roused by charismatic young artists who play their music and tell their stories. Vienna’s Golden Age is brought to life not with black tie and tails but with vibrant tales of a different sort.

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