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New! Beating Superbugs Better: Can We Win?

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This feature-length documentary presents an accessible yet in-depth and up-to-date message with a touch of mystery and suspense: Can we, in fact, beat superbugs--antibiotic-resistant bacteria? Superbugs’ partnership with COVID-19 bookends the film: When COVID weakens its victims, superbugs often come in for the actual kill. Nevertheless, ingenious solutions to their advance are either in place or emerging. The film moves in and out of a single patient's dramatic saga while presenting frontline testimonies from others: doctors and patients battling the five top superbugs as well as global leaders in science, economics, government, and the pharmaceutical industry. Together they reveal innovative new ways to fight these rogue bacteria. Such joint efforts have a good chance to stem two dire, data-driven predictions: 1) Superbugs, not viruses, will be the first culprits in a fast-approaching series of pandemics, and 2) If unchecked by mid-century, superbugs could surpass cancer as the number 1 cause of human deaths worldwide. Throughout and summarized at film’s end are personal and public ways that citizens anywhere may readily join essential grass-roots forces in the whole superbug fight.

Length: 68 minutes

Item#: BVL281641

ISBN: 979-8-88678-361-2

Copyright date: ©2022

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