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Video Game Industry (02:32)


Last year, people spent over $100 billion dollars on games. África Periáñez uses data to tailor video games to individual players. Critics denounce violence in video games.

Gaming and Behavior (04:17)

Smartphones have changed who plays games, where they play, and how often. Fortnight will likely make $2 billion in 2018. Experts discuss whales and nurturing their involvement. Yokozuna Data has two main goals. Experts can predict elements of a player's personality.

Addiction and Compulsive Spending (04:11)

Video games could be the future of gambling. Experts discuss loot boxes and player information. Japan bans kompu gacha practice; other countries implement similar regulations. Games are more profound as they become more sophisticated, immersive, and personalized.

Credits: Future of Gaming (00:12)

Credits: Future of Gaming

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Future of Gaming

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As gaming becomes the dominant form of entertainment this century, game developers increasingly track player behavior to tailor experiences that will keep people playing longer and spending more money.

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