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Little Big Horn Valley June 25, 1876 (05:25)


Two Native American children are playing in the woods when Union Army soldiers approach and start shooting at them. One child is shot as they run home. General Custer and his troops massacre the Sioux.

Meeting With President Grant (02:40)

Senator Henry Dawes points out the Sioux's right to defend themselves at Little Bighorn. President Ulysses S. Grant argues that the only way to save them is to convince them to settle on the reservation and give up their way of life.

After Little Bighorn (02:46)

Ohiyesa's father returns from prison and learns his son has earned a feather for killing a man. He announces that he has converted to Christianity and takes his son away from the Sioux reservation.

Red Cloud's Camp - Great Sioux Reservation (04:12)

Chief of the Oglala Sioux confronts Senator Dawes for breaking the treaty made in 1868. Dawes proposes a new agreement that would move the tribe to Pine Ridge. He says they must sign or die.

Cedar Creek Valley, Dakota Territory October 21, 1876 (06:17)

Chief Sitting Bull tells Colonel Miles to remove his soldiers from the Black Hills. Miles argues that the Sioux killed other Native Americans to get the land. Sitting Bull denounces Red Cloud.

Battle of Cedar Creek (04:36)

Sitting Bull retreats after the United States Army kills many of his men using guns and cannons. Colonel Miles orders his soldiers to burn all teepees down.

Lakota Sioux in Canada (04:15)

Ohiyesa refuses his teacher's request to choose an English name. Major Walsh of the Northwest Mounted Police informs Sitting Bull that Crazy Horse is dead. He welcomes the Sioux to stay if they follow his rules.

White Man's World (02:30)

Ohiyesa is sent to school in Illinois against his will. As soon as the train is gone, his father switches from singing a Christian song to a Native American song.

Friends of the Indian Annual Conference (06:35)

Senator Dawes speaks to a crowd about the need for assimilation before introducing Ohiyesa, now going by the English name Charles Eastman. He meets Elaine Goodale, a published poet who speaks Lakota.

Dissent Among Sioux (07:13)

Sitting Bull shoots a man's horse after he is caught trying to sneak back home. Major Walsh brings Crow men who have accused the Sioux of stealing horses.

Dawes Act Passes (03:50)

Dr. Eastman and Senator Dawes propose their plan for dividing reservations into tracts of land for each Sioux man with excess portions sold to white settlers.

Pine Ridge Sioux Agency Dakota Territory (03:24)

Dr. Eastman and Senator Dawes present their plan to the Lakota Sioux. Chief Red Cloud's opinion is no longer respected so he does not speak. Dawes points out that a new Congress may not make any offer to the Native Americans.

Harsh Canadian Winter (03:11)

Sitting Bull stays while much of the tribe goes back home. Those that remain eat boiled mice to survive winter. A child dies from illness.

Standing Rock Sioux Agency Dakota Territory (07:56)

Sitting Bull meets with James McLaughlin and notes that he was the last chief to give up his rifle. McLaughlin denies all of his requests for special treatment on the reservation. White people pass out rations.

From Incentive to Coercion (02:40)

Dr. Eastman reads a letter from Goodale informing him of the hardships Sioux people are facing at the Standing Rock reservation.

Ohiyesa Returns to Dakota Territory (05:05)

Dr. Eastman arrives at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation to treat the sick. Sitting Bull sells photographs and autographs, and he gives the money to children.

Compliance at Standing Rock (02:53)

McLaughlin visits Sitting Bull and demands he conform by farming, enrolling his son in school, and sending him to church.

Appeal for Help (03:26)

Dr. Eastman writes to Senator Dawes to remind him of the hardships the Lakota people are facing. He urges him not to trust official reports about Standing Rock Sioux Agency. Disease kills many and the hopeless Sioux turn to cod liver oil for its alcohol.

Prophecy (03:55)

Paiute shaman Wovoka speaks to a crowd of Sioux people. He says the white man will soon be gone and urges them to follow his dance to regain their freedom.

Lies About Former Chief (03:08)

A crowd heckles Sitting Bull as he tells stories of battle. McLaughlin taunts him. The former chief tells his son that he will not attend the meeting with men from Washington.

Final Offer for Sioux Land (03:20)

Dawes shares the results of his negotiation in Washington. The government has increased their offer for the Dakota territory and warns it may be taken if they do not agree to the new terms.

Words Cannot Be Put Back (07:51)

Sitting Bull speaks in front of the Sioux people before they vote on the proposition brought by Senator Dawes. Red Cloud supports him and refuses to sign any more papers.

Regretting the Past (04:35)

Dawes tries to convince Dr. Eastman that the Sioux must adapt. When Eastman argues back, Dawes accuses him of not being a true Sioux.

Imminent Indian Uprising (04:13)

Dr. Eastman insists that bringing soldiers to Standing Rock reservation in response to Native dancing is a mistake. He urges Goodale to leave. McLaughlin sends for Sitting Bull.

Wounded Knee Massacre (08:23)

Many injured Sioux arrive at Standing Rock Agency. Two of the wounded recall the events before and after Sitting Bull was killed.

After Wounded Knee Massacre (10:21)

White news reporters prop up the frozen body of a dead Sioux man to take a photograph. Dr. Eastman and Goodale resign from the Standing Rock Agency; Eastman takes a job assigning Christian names to all Sioux people.

Credits: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (07:42)

Credits: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

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Beginning just after the bloody Sioux victory over General Custer at Little Big Horn, this epic 'HBO Films' adaptation of Dee Alexander Brown's nonfiction masterpiece intertwines the unique perspectives of three characters--Charles Eastman, Sitting Bull and Senator Henry Dawes--while detailing the sprawl into the American West that tragically affected American Indian culture.

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