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George Floyd (03:38)


The Minneapolis Police Department informed reporter Libor Jany that a suspect died in custody. Jany saw the video of Floyd's arrest, which contradicted MPD statements. He and the "Star Tribune" did not know the national impact the story would have.

Days After Floyd's Death (03:27)

Protestors began gathering at the sight of Floyd's murder the morning after and protesting continued for days. It escalated quickly because of the history of police violence in Minneapolis. The "Star Tribune" has a database of people killed by police in Minnesota since 2015.

Tipping Point (03:39)

Jany felt that something was going to change after Floyd's murder. Protesters went to the Third Precinct, where Officer Derek Chauvin was stationed, and set it on fire. MPD had to abandoned it and felt betrayed by the public.

Culture at MPD (03:01)

The "Star Tribune" reported on how the Third Precinct was known for using excessive force. Black officers, including Chief Medaria Arradondo, had sued the department for discrimination. He quickly fired the four officers involved in Floyd's death.

Abolish MPD (02:43)

Protesters called for the abolishment of the department. The mayor did not support the call, but nine members of city council did and pledged their support to create a community safety service.

Trying MPD Officers (01:48)

The court determined that Chauvin and the three other officers involved in Floyd's death would be tried separately. "Star Tribune" reporters were surprised the cops did not stand together.

Dolai Idd (03:15)

Idd's death was the first police killing in Minneapolis since Floyd's death; protests erupted again. Many residents felt the city was in crisis in terms of police violence against black residents.

Chauvin's Trial (03:27)

The National Guard stood by as the trial began and thousands of protesters gathered. Because of COVID protocols, the trial was live streamed.

Footage of Chauvin (06:26)

Most of Chauvin's actions during the murder were filmed; witnesses understood the need for filming. The footage shows failings in MPD training and culture.

Chauvin's Record (05:23)

The "Star Tribune" found numerous complaints without discipline in Chauvin's past. Many of the incidents involved the use of excessive force. One was similar enough to Floyd's case that it was introduced as evidence at trial.

MPD Testimony (08:41)

Officers testified that Chauvin was a rogue cop who did not follow the rules. Testimony contradicted what the "Star Tribune" and "Frontline" uncovered from former officers.

Chief Arradondo's Testimony (02:07)

The chief testified that Chauvin used excessive force. The public felt that the chief and the police department decrying Chauvin's actions was a turning point.

Daunte Wright (03:18)

Days after Arradondo's testimony, Wright was killed by police in suburban Brooklyn Center. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department, and they were hit with tear gas. "Star Tribune" reporter Liz Sawyer felt that the cycle was never-ending.

Abolishment Referendum (05:27)

Wright's death reignited the call to abolish the MPD because protestors believed reform would not work. Efforts to get a referendum on the ballot to replace MPD with a public safety agency began. Mayor Jacob Frey wanted reform not abolishment.

Chauvin's Verdict (03:49)

Minneapolis prepared for unrest as the jury deliberated in Chauvin's trial. Jurors found Chauvin guilty.

Yes 4 Minneapolis (05:02)

The movement got the referendum to abolish the MPD on the ballot 10 days after Chauvin's guilty verdict. Many officers left the MPD and violent crime increased, causing anxiety in the city.

Increase in Gun Violence (02:36)

Gun deaths reached a 26-year high with many victims, including children, being bystanders. The issue of how to protect the community became politic, with no simple solution.

Views on Policing (03:48)

Before the election, the "Star Tribune" polled voters about policing and found their views were complex. Police body cam footage from days after Floyd's death were released, reminding people of the culture within MPD.

Election Day (03:00)

Many voters were torn about abolishing the MPD. The referendum failed and the police department remained. Frey was reelected mayor and promised reform.

New MPD Chief (07:07)

Arradondo retired, feeling it was best for the department. Interim Chief Amelia Huffman promised to build on his reforms and increase officer training. Two weeks later, police killed Amir Locke during the execution of a no-knock warrant.

Credits: Police on Trial (00:59)

Credits: Police on Trial

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