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Kim Wall's Disappearance (02:10)


In August 2017, the freelance journalist went on Danish inventor Peter Madsen's submarine for a story. She was never seen again.

Missing Submarine (03:33)

The strange and Nordic noir details of the Wall/Madsen case made it national news in Denmark. It started with reports of Madsen's submarine, which he built himself, going missing. It was then discovered that Wall had been on board.

Wall's Reporting (04:38)

Wall had done extensive reporting for "The Guardian," "New York Times," and other publications. She was known for shining light on important and overlooked issues and places.

Madsen's Submarine (05:20)

The Danish Royal Navy oversaw the search and rescue mission for the submarine. Madsen was known for investing in submarines and rockets. Wall was working on a story about Madsen for "Wired Magazine," which included a ride in the sub.

Madsen's Celebrity (05:28)

Madsen was known for making people believe in the power of innovation. He built three submarines before turning to rockets. He inspired people with the idea of Danish space travel.

Naval Search Begins (04:04)

Madsen never sailed far in his submarine, so the search began just outside Copenhagen Harbor. Wall was reported missing but there were little other facts about what happened. At 10:30 a.m., Madsen radioed from Koge Bay, saying everyone was fine.

Sunk Submarine (04:44)

Minutes after the first radio call, Madsen called again and said the sub was sinking. Naval officers immediately found the claim suspicious, and Wall was still missing. Madsen claimed he dropped Wall off near her home the night before.

Madsen's Arrest (04:46)

Madsen was arrested while authorities tried to determine a timeline. Many assumed Wall disappeared after she came ashore but investigators found holes in Madsen's story.

Madsen's Charge (02:23)

Madsen was charged with murder and plead not guilty. His friends admitted he was "a bit crazy" but did not think he could commit murder.

Submarine Extraction (03:39)

Naval authorities lifted Madsen's submarine for investigation. Blood and Wall's belongings were found onboard.

Grisly Discovery (05:31)

Wall had been missing for 11 days and Madsen kept changing his story. Wall's torso was found on a Danish beach. At his next court hearing, Madsen claimed Wall died in an accident on the submarine.

Search of Danish Waters (03:48)

Authorities searched the water for the rest of Wall's body for a month with no results. An oceanographer was brought in to help them understand currents around Denmark.

Madsen's Indictment (04:43)

Authorities found Wall's head and its condition did not match Madsen's accident story. He was formally indicted for first degree murder and sexual assault; the dismemberment was ruled intentional. For Wall's friends, the violence highlighted the danger women face, even in safe countries.

Signs in Madsen (04:45)

Those who knew Madsen questioned whether they should have known how violent he could be. He was eccentric, manipulative, and narcissistic. Madsen's trial started and many worried he would not be convicted.

Credits: Part 1: The Crime (Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall (02:05)

Credits: Part 1: The Crime (Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall

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Part 1: The Crime (Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall)

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After journalist Kim Wall disappears aboard his submarine, authorities begin to question inventor Peter Madsen.

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