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January 6, 2021: 10:35 AM (04:44)


Proud Boy member Eddie Block explains why he marched toward the Capitol Building. Participants were protesting the confirmation of the 2020 presidential election results while the Senate was voting.

12:01 PM: 1.5 miles From the Capitol (01:42)

Donald Trump spoke to the crowd, claiming the election was stolen and told them to walk to the Capitol. Photographer Ashley Gilbertson witnessed blind devotion at the rally.

January 6, 2021: 12:06 PM (01:45)

The Proud Boys began marching before Trump's speech finished. Member Bobby Pickles said there was a mob mentality that led to what happened at the Capitol Building.

January 6, 2021: 12:53 PM (04:48)

While chanting "1776," participants began pushing forward. They reached the police barricades and forced their way through to the Capitol within two minutes. Police were unsure what the rally would be like and were surprised.

1:05 PM: House of Representatives Chamber (13:29)

The Senate was verifying election results, with little idea of what was happening outside. Capitol police began violently clashing with protestors. A riot ensued and protestors reached the building and breached it.

January 6, 2021: 2:13 PM (16:57)

The rioters entered the Capitol Building through broken windows. Police took prominent Congress members out of the Senate chamber, before having the rest evacuate. Officer Eugene Goodman confronted the rioters and lead them toward more officers.

U.S. Senate Chamber (05:30)

The rioters reach the chamber with only one officer behind them. Outside, violent clashes with law enforcement continued and officers were forced to keep moving back.

2:29 PM: House of Representatives Chamber (05:23)

The rioters reached the chamber; members were still in session. The House evacuated and the rioters could see the officials through guarded glass doors.

January 6, 2021: 2:43 PM (02:19)

Rioters began breaking through glass doors. An officer pulled a gun and shot rioter Ashli Babbitt. Some rioters began leaving the Capitol.

2:45 PM: House of Representative Chamber (07:42)

The balcony was not evacuated with the rest of the chamber. Congress members stayed in a secure location with many refusing to leave. Outside, rioters battled with police to enter the tunnel into the building.

January 6, 2021: 3:04 PM (13:39)

Distress calls began to come from law enforcement as they attempted to hold back the rioters. Reinforcement arrived and police managed to push back. Officer Mike Fanone was pulled into the crowd and beaten by rioters.

January 6, 2021: 4:17 PM (13:05)

Trump made a statement telling the rioters to leave the Capitol. More law enforcement agencies provided backup and rioters began to leave. The Senate reconvened to confirm the election results, but some Republicans still objected.

Credits: Four Hours at the Capitol (00:57)

Credits: Four Hours at the Capitol

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The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol--when thousands of American citizens from across the country gathered in Washington D.C. to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election--is the focus of this documentary. Featuring never-before-seen footage and first-hand accounts, the film details how the violence escalated, leaving Capitol security outnumbered and overwhelmed.

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