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Lloyd's Bank Limited (05:42)


The Cornish bank commissioned Silvanus Travail to build the bank in the 1890s. Lloyd's claimed ownership in the 1920's and closed it in 2017. Richard and Sarah purchased the building and began renovations. Clarke examines the safe, staircase, and the former bank manager's living quarters.

Maxwell (03:02)

Clarke examines the renovations of the old cloth maker's shop in West London; it took eight months to complete. The redesign celebrates the building's history, including hanging fabrics.

Lloyd's Bank Limited: Redesign (03:22)

Clarke outlines Sara and Richard's design plans for turning the bank into a home and suggests options for the master suite.

Lloyd's Bank Limited: Safe (05:05)

Relaxed planning laws make it easier to change the use of unused commercial buildings. Richard sends the two-ton safe door to Catchpole & Rye's Foundry where workers transform it into a freestanding bath.

Lloyd's Bank Limited: Master Suite (06:54)

Sara and Richard obtain approval to move the suite to the rear of the building and vault the ceiling; contractors begin work. Two months later, Clarke examines the changes; Sara highlights aspects of the interior design.

Lloyd's Bank Limited: Windows and Delays (07:50)

Workers replace all of the windows; it is the largest single cost of the renovations. The COVID pandemic delays work. Sara and Richard reflect on budget, progress, landscaping, and interior design. Clarke examines the building.

Lloyd's Bank Limited: Residential Conversion (08:38)

Sara and Richard reveal the renovations that took three years to complete. Clarke marvels at the transformation of each room and the landscaping.

Lloyd's Bank Limited: Budget (03:30)

Locals reflect on the building's transformation. Richard and Sara discuss the cost of renovations and making the bank a home.

Credits: Victorian Bank, Cornwall—George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations (483:17)

Credits: Victorian Bank, Cornwall—George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations

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Victorian Bank, Cornwall—George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations

Part of the Series : George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations
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Ten miles off the Cornish coastline sits the small town of St. Columb Major. We meet Richard and Sarah, who bought the local Lloyds Bank on the High Street, a building that’s 130 years old. We follow their journey transforming the unique building into a home for their family of four.

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