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Health Care Without Harm (03:07)


Health care institutions should work to reduce their environmental impact in order to improve public health.

How To Find A Doctor (00:00)

Doctors' offices can be anxiety-inducing environments, and the way they are designed and the way patients are treated can have a significant impact on their health.

The Importance of Health Care Without Harm (03:12)

The healthcare sector and the healthcare industry should be responsible for the larger community.

How Do We Create Health Trust? (01:27)

Design has a huge impact on the way people experience health care, and we need to focus on prevention and environmentally responsible medicine to improve global health outcomes.

Preventative Medicine (01:18)

Countries across the world take different measures on prevention practices. Some are more cost-effective than others.

Healthcare Reform (02:24)

Healthcare reform is important to ensure individuals are able to afford healthcare and receive adequate health care delivery.

Transforming Healthcare (01:13)

The health sector is one of the most important sectors on the planet. Adopting new ways of delivering healthcare and adopting greener methods will improve the delivery of healthcare for most groups.

Credits (00:12)


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