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Curriculum And Instruction Overview (02:13)


Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Melissa Ruddle oversees both the instructional materials chosen based on required content standards and the instructional strategies used in the classroom. She also reviews county- and district-wide data to ensure that learning and academic achievement are on track.

Career Path (01:28)

Ruddle outlines her career path, from college to teaching, and her experience with a mentor who encouraged her to earn a master's degree. She attributes her success to qualities such as patience, empathy and the ability to build relationships.

Administrator: Keys For Success (02:22)

Successful administrators need to have content knowledge, understand instruction, and be able to see when students are engaged. Cultivating good rapport with colleagues and kids is essential. Administrators are also expected to participate in staff development and continuing education.

Workplace Atmosphere (07:59)

A curriculum director describes a typical day on the job. Her job is to develop and oversee the curriculum for all of the schools in her district. On a typical day, she meets with teachers and administrators, participates in professional development, and travels to schools throughout the district. She enjoys juggling the various duties her job requires, and notes that in order to be successful, she needs to be a patient, flexible lifelong learner.

The Purpose of School (00:55)

While the primary purpose of school is to educate students, many students come to school with social and emotional needs that need to be met with before their academic needs can be addressed. The administrator strives for her district's students to leave the school system with the skills and a plan--whether it be a four- or two-year college, a vocational school or the military--for success.

Administrative Challenges (02:25)

The biggest challenge administrators face right now is hiring certified teachers. Teachers--math teachers, in particular--are leaving the profession in droves, and teacher retention is also problematic. Other challenges include addressing students' social and emotional needs; for example, many students are being raised by grandparents, or come from families impacted by the opioid crisis. Additional challenges include the need to provide education in many different ways, to educate students for a changing economy, and to fund education adequately.

The Future of Public Education (01:53)

Higher education has changed. Students now take online college classes in addition to their face-to-face classes. More students are considering career and technical centers as alternatives to a four-year college degree. And many students earn college credits before leaving high school, via dual credit enrollment programs. Fewer changes are expected at the elementary level, but more parents are choosing virtual schools, and public charter schools are experiencing rapid growth, resulting in funding issues.

Career Opportunities for Teachers and Administrators (02:00)

There are many exciting opportunities for people who love to teach and work with teachers, including modeling lessons, working with new teachers, and developing curriculum.Those with very specialized skills might work for textbook companies, instructional resource companies, preschools, even the State Department.

Credits (00:00)


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