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Finding the Local Maxima and Minima of a Function (03:20)


To find local maxima and minima of a function, use the second derivative test and set the first order partial derivatives equal to 0.

Simultaneous Equations (03:34)

A system of simultaneous equations can help simplify the problem.

The Second Derivative Test (02:57)

The second derivative test is used to find local maxima and local minima of a multivariable function.

Saddle Points (01:25)

To use the second derivative test to find local maxima and local minima of a multivariable function, you need to find the critical points of the function and determine whether the second order partial derivative with respect to x is positive or negative at each critical point.

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Local extrema and saddle points

Part of the Series : Integral Calc: Calculus 3
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This video tutorial works through math problems/equations that address topics in Calculus 3, Partial Derivatives. This specific tutorial addresses Local extrema and saddle points.

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