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Six Ways to Arrange the Variables (03:27)


For the example given, we need to come up with six different ways that we can arrange the variables.

Finding Constants and Limits of Integration (07:20)

The speaker is discussing finding constants and the limits of integration.

Limits of Integration Continued (05:28)

The speaker is discussing the six ways there are to express an integral, depending on the order of integration.

Coming Up With a Final Answer (01:13)

The speaker discusses how to plug in these constants and come up with a final answer that is itself a constant. Several more examples are discussed.

Credits (00:00)


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Expressing the integral six ways

Part of the Series : Integral Calc: Calculus 3
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This video tutorial works through math problems/equations that address topics in Calculus 3, Multiple Integrals. This specific tutorial addresses Expressing the integral six ways.

Length: 18 minutes

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