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Positive Direction of the X-axis (01:46)


The angle between a vector and the positive direction of the x-axis can be calculated using the xy coordinate plane.

Connecting Initial and Final Terminal Points (01:11)

To represent the vector i plus square root 3j, connect the initial point at the origin and the final terminal point.

The Tangent of the Angle Theta (00:41)

The tangent of the angle theta is equal to the length of the opposite side divided by the length of the adjacent side.

Replacing a Value for Theta (02:36)

Replace tangent of theta with sine of theta divided by cosine of theta equal to square root of 3.

Vector is in the First Quadrant (01:50)

Theta is going to be equal to pi/3, which is the same as 60 degrees. Pi/3 and 60 degrees is the only acceptable answer because the vector points toward the first quadrant.

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Angle between a vector and the x-axis

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This video tutorial works through math problems/equations that address topics in Calculus 3, Vectors. This specific tutorial addresses Angle between a vector and the x-axis.

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