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Play as a Learning Tool (06:29)


Playing and exploring are important for children's learning and development.

Play: Self Regulating Skills (05:01)

Children need to use their self regulatory skills to be able to stick to any agreed rules of play, like how many times a baby can be naughty. They cooperate in solving problems.

The Adult's Role (04:28)

Some kids need more help than others to stay on track and achieve success. Adults need to be observant and provide just enough help when needed to help kids continue their explorations and learning.

Exploration in Play (04:21)

Modeling and showing possible ideas about explorations can be useful in play where children seem to be stuck in a rut.

Play Mimics Reality (02:01)

Adults can help play and learning by providing resources to aid the play. The role of the adult is often just as an observer. Adult participation needs to be done very carefully.

Encouraging Effort (01:24)

Encouragement is key in helping children learn and develop. It is important not to step in and do something for a child when it is seen that they are struggling, as this allows them to learn from their own efforts.

Credits (00:00)


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Playing and Exploring

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This program consists of five short videos that examine child's play and exploration, considering why children spend so many of their waking hours engaging in these types of activities. It looks at what motivates children, from infancy upwards, to explore their world and how they use what they find out to help solve problems. It shows how babies, once they have learned something about the properties of objects, move on to see what they can do with them and how this develops into sophisticated pretend play, developing rules and problems for them to solve and supporting their self-regulation. The program considers children's "growth mindset" and how it develops and how adults can play a role in supporting babies, toddlers, and young children with their play and explorations.

Length: 24 minutes

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