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Arbitrators Resolve Disputes Outside the Courts System (03:21)


Arbitration is a way to resolve disputes outside of the court system. It is less expensive and faster than going to court, and the parties can design their own dispute resolution mechanism. Lawyers selecting an arbitrator should consider the arbitrator's experience and credibility.

What is an Arbitrator? (02:54)

An arbitrator is someone who listens to the evidence on both sides and writes a decision about what they've heard. There is no specific certification that is necessary to be an arbitrator, but having a broad knowledge about different industries and being able to make good decisions is important.

Arbitrator: Experience and Credibility Needed (03:22)

An arbitrator should be familiar with the law and the industry in which they are becoming involved. Experience is important, and young people may find it difficult to become arbitrators.

Arbitrators: A Day on the Job (06:50)

An arbitrator's day typically includes making phone calls, preparing for an arbitration, taking pre arbitration submissions, scheduling witnesses, and making rulings on evidence. Arbitration is a more conservative way to resolve disputes than court action.

Arbitration Lawyers: Industry Challenges (02:38)

The challenges that arbitration faces are people who want to make it just as cumbersome as the court process and establishing trust. The speaker believes that the use of arbitration will increase in the next 10 years.

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