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Schluter Headquarters Overview (01:58)


Schluter made protecting the environment and energy efficiency a top priority. Operating costs are one dollar per square foot. The building's intergrated design permitted 100% of the heating and cooling needs to come from geothermal sources.

LEED Certification (03:02)

Learn how green technologies have evolved in commercial construction over the last few decades. A commercial real estate broker explains the aspects of building encompassed by LEED certification.

LEED Coordination Meetings (02:58)

Learn what those in the construction industry think about working on a LEED project. See how the different disciplines involved need to work together to be successful.

Benefits of LEED Certified Buildings (02:31)

A commercial real estate broker points out the more efficient features of commercial properties built after 1980. As building design and technologies improved, heating, cooling, and lighting costs decreased.

Energy Efficient Flooring (02:54)

The president of Schluter Systems explains the role of tiling in energy efficiency. A commercial real estate broker talks about the use of ceramic flooring. Watch as an acoustical engineer performs tests following tile installation.

Innovation in Building (03:27)

Learn why the company incorporated environmentally sound technologies and how they are good for the pocket book. A systems designer discusses how the building needs to be designed in an integrated fashion.

Atrium Architectural Features (02:13)

The systems designer for the Schluter headquarters describes the importance of the building's atrium. Natural light floods the atrium and second floor office space.

Water Recycling at Schluter Headquarters (03:24)

Faucets are powered by a photo voltaic cell battery. Rain water is captured and stored underground and pumped through the toilet system. A sanitary hot water system is run by solar panels. A living wall will act as a humidifier.

Energy Efficiency with Recharge System (02:14)

The solar wall at Schluter headquarters will preheat air in winter and exhaust hot air in summer for energy efficiency. A Canadian tunnel is a passive geothermal system that will be used when no sunlight is available.

Air Handling System (02:39)

Learn about the energy efficient air filtration system at Schluter headquarters. CO2 emissions are constantly monitored and the amount of fresh air delivered to the heating system is adjusted.

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling (04:14)

Learn how the Earth will be used for heating and cooling at Schluter headquarters. This geothermal system makes for an efficient and stable source of energy all year round.

Heat Pump Technology (02:51)

Learn how heat pumps through the compression and decompression of gases take advantage of geothermal energy both to heat and cool the building.

Water-to-Water Heat Pump (02:44)

Learn about the role of the water-to-water heat pump and the load shedding benefit of having radiant piping in a slab.

Radiant Floors and Heat Pump Rooms (04:03)

All of the heating and cooling is supplied by the geothermal wells eliminating the need for supplementary furnaces. Learn how this is done through both the floors and the ventilation systems.

Other Innovative Features (04:53)

Learn about louvers keeping the sun from penetrating the building, snow removal with radiant piping and using Schluter products to clad the building and cover the terrace.

New uses for Schluter Products (01:59)

The president of Schluter Systems talks about discovering innovative ways of using their company's products in the building such as using Kerdi boards in place of drywall in the restrooms.

Energy Efficiency in Roof, Lighting and Controls (05:04)

A PVC membrane reflects heat off the roof. Lighting design includes features such as having occupancy sensors control lights in sporadic use areas. And the BACnet protocol is part of operating a building efficiently.

Reflections on this LEED Certified Building (03:56)

Schluter Systems headquarters is ahead of its time in many different ways. The president of the company explains how this energy efficient building will save money in the long term.

Credits: More Than a Box with Windows: Schluter Headquarters—A Case Study in Green Design and Construction (00:24)

More Than a Box with Windows: Schluter Headquarters—A Case Study in Green Design and Construction. A film by Richard Burman.

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Building green: that was the goal of Schluter, a company specializing in tile installation systems. It wanted its new Canadian headquarters to be low impact, energy efficient, comfortable to work in, and a showcase for tiles. This documentary narrated by energy conservation specialist Jon Eakes explores the science that went into the design and construction of the award-winning, LEED Gold-certified building while explaining why the integration of green systems is essential to making an office that is ecologically responsible. “A common misconception about sustainable design,” says Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine, “is that it may be complicated, or that it is not worth the investment. However this project clearly proves that intelligent, environmentally aware decisions can produce systems that are simpler to operate, and a building that is much more economical in the long run.” A film by Richard Burman. (Portions in French with English subtitles, 59 minutes)

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