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The Self Actualized Person: Conclusion (04:12)


The self-actualized person is honest, aware, detached, and objective. They are free to be themselves and trust that they will remain undisturbed.

Analyzing Psychotherapy Subjects (02:04)

The speaker is discussing people who are very private and closed off, and suggests that if we could learn from them, we could get out of our adolescent stress and move on to a more mature way of living.

An Artist's Influence (05:35)

Creativeness is not just confined to those who work in official departments, but also includes mothers who are inventive and flexible with their children.

Historical Actors at Ease (02:18)

Spontaneity, simplicity, ease, grace, and trust are all qualities of an actor that is at ease with themselves and their audience. Historical actors used these qualities on the world stage.

The Search For Identity (02:16)

The search for identity is partly a search for your life work, which is what suits best to your real self.

Asch Conformity Study (07:21)

The people in the Asch conformity study who were most independent and resistant to acculturation were also the most self-directed and autonomous.

Mrs. Roosevelt Relates to Human Nature (02:46)

Maslow's theory of self-actualization is the idea that humans tend to reach their full potential and become their best selves. The presenter talks about his conversations with Mrs. Roosevelt about human nature.

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In this program, Dr. Abraham Maslow considers the dimensions of freedom, detachment, creativity, spontaneity, trust, life mission, autonomy, and acceptance.

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