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The Concept of Self Actualization (13:14)


This video is about the concept of self-actualization and how it applies to different areas of life. It discusses the honesty and awareness characteristics of self-actualization and how they manifest in different ways.

More Efficient Perception of Reality (04:18)

People with a more efficient perception of reality tend to be more perceptive and have better judgment.

More Effective Perception of Reality (02:51)

The healthiest people are those who are able to appreciate the basic goods of life, such as flowers, sunsets, and cute babies, with awe, wonder, and even ecstasy. They are able to do this despite the fact that these things happen every day.

Peak Experiences (06:21)

People who have peak experiences tend to be more psychologically healthy and have a strong sense of ethics. They know what is right and wrong for them and are not easily swayed.

Credits (00:09)


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In this program, Dr. Abraham Maslow discusses the dimensions of honesty, humor, social interest, love, awareness, efficient perception, freshness of appreciation, the peak experience, and ethical awareness.

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