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Cannabis (03:21)


While the use of medical cannabis has spread, arrests for possession have continued. The science around cannabis is still being developed but there are strong societal opinions.

Medical Cannabis (06:53)

Iraq War veteran Sean Worsley uses medical cannabis for his PTSD. For thousands of years, societies have used cannabis for its medicinal properties and effects on the body's endocannabinoid system. The plant contains over 400 chemicals with a wide variety of uses.

State and Federal Regulations (02:08)

California made cannabis legal for medical use in 1996, but federally it remains a schedule I substance, like heroin. Research into cannabis use and new products is difficult.

CBD and Epilepsy (05:29)

CBD products are becoming common, but there is little research into most of them. Neuroscientist Catherine Jacobson started making her own CBD tincture to treat children with epilepsy; she struggled with supply and consistency.

CBD Clinical Trials (07:24)

Jacobson contacted GW Pharmaceuticals in England because CBD was illegal in the United States. The treatment worked and led to clinical trials for seizures and other conditions.

Impacts of CBD and THC (05:12)

Most CBD products have very small doses of CBD, but many researchers are still worried about the level of usage. Products with THC must be regulated, and lab tested. The endocannabinoid system changes over a lifespan.

Cannabis Studies (03:30)

Researchers scan the brains of over 1,000 children and teenagers to see the impacts of cannabis. The data revealed a connection between mental health problems and their mothers having used cannabis during pregnancy.

Criminal Cannabis (06:50)

Cannabis, first criminalized in 1937, was viewed as a dangerous, foreign drug. President Richard Nixon's war on drugs made drugs one of the main causes of arrests. Black and poor people are more likely to get arrested for cannabis despite usages being the same across races.

Cannabis and Addiction (06:54)

Former NFL player Eugene Monroe switched to cannabis after becoming addicted to prescribed opioids for chronic pain. About 9% of cannabis users develop an addiction; too much at once can cause psychosis.

Cannabis' Medicinal Future (04:09)

Researchers track what conditions people are using cannabis to treat. They find that using cannabis improves numerous conditions.

Credits: The Cannabis Question (01:10)

Credits: The Cannabis Question

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As state-legalized cannabis spreads, NOVA investigates the latest scientific evidence for its potential benefits and risks, and how criminalization has disproportionately harmed communities of color.

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