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The Nursing Assistant: Understanding Abuse and Neglect

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3-Year Streaming Price: $315.00



Frail health and mental impairments can leave a nursing home resident powerless against abusive behavior and neglect. Situations in which residents are physically or emotionally mistreated usually take place when a caregiver becomes angry or impatient, or tries to control a resident by force. When a nursing home admits a resident, the facility and its staff become responsible for his or her safety and well-being. This program provides caregivers with an understanding of what constitutes abusive and neglectful behavior and discusses some of the signs indicating that a resident may have been the victim of mistreatment. It explains misuse of restraints, presents an example of the misuse of a resident's personal property, and discusses actions that should be taken when a CNA notices signs that a resident may have been abused or neglected.

Length: 19 minutes

Item#: BVL273947

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