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Bloodborne Viruses: Introduction (02:19)


Concern about bloodborne infections transforms healthcare practices in the 1980s. Until there is a cure for bloodborne diseases, emphasis must remain on preventing the spread of viruses. This video examines viruses and transmission.

Bloodborne Pathogens (06:14)

Bloodborne pathogens can only be transmitted when infected blood, blood products, tissue, or body fluids enter another body. Topics include retroviruses, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, symptoms, effects on the body, and treatment.

Transmission of Bloodborne Infection (05:59)

Transmission modes outside the healthcare environment include unprotected sexual acts, needle sharing, pregnancy/breastfeeding, and transfusions; identify HIV non-infective body fluids. Transmission modes in healthcare settings include puncture wounds, open wounds/broken skin, and mucous membranes. Other programs will cover prevention methods.

Credits: Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Bloodborne Viruses (00:0-906)

Credits: Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Bloodborne Viruses

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Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Bloodborne Viruses

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Infection control practices in healthcare have changed radically since the advent of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C in the 1980s. While the hazards remain, changes in care practices and protective devices have improved the safety of healthcare professionals against bloodborne pathogens as never before. This program describes the dangerous bloodborne viruses themselves and how they are transmitted, looking specifically at HIV and AIDS, hepatitis B and C, the sources of transmission of bloodborne infections, and the modes of transmission in and outside the workplace.

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