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Tuberculosis (02:38)


Tuberculosis is a widespread disease, affecting 10 million people in 2019. U.S. response to a TB increase in the 1980s has led to a steep decline. The CDC created infection control guidelines to ensure another outbreak does not happen.

Administrative Controls (04:56)

TB infection control contains three levels. Administrative control activities include risk assessment, determining necessary controls, and creating a written TB program. Diagnostic tools include a TB skin test and chest x-rays; learn about diagnosing HIV patients. Prescribe appropriate medications.

Environmental Controls (04:30)

Environmental controls help reduce the risk of TB in confined settings. Examples include removing contaminated air, cough etiquette, local exhaust ventilation, and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

Respiratory Protection Controls (03:17)

Healthcare workers should wear a respirator when entering the room of a patient with a known or suspected TB infection and undergo periodic fit testing. Administrators should implement a respiratory protection program.

Credits: Current Issues in Tuberculosis: Infection Control Procedures (00:42)

Credits: Current Issues in Tuberculosis: Infection Control Procedures

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Current Issues in Tuberculosis: Infection Control Procedures

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Today TB is under control in the U.S., but it remains a series threat worldwide with approximately 9 million new cases reported each year. This program describes the three primary control measures developed by the CDC as part of its recommendations for controlling the spread of TB. It examines the past and current incidence of tuberculosis in the U.S. and worldwide, distinguishes between primary and secondary environmental controls, and identifies the primary component of respiratory protection controls.

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