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Whole Numbers in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division (03:38)


Strong basic math capabilities are a crucial aspect of nursing. Topics include number places, sum, difference, value, product, and quotient. Follow math examples.

Adding & Subtracting Fractions (02:39)

Fractions are a way of showing division. Topics include numerator, denominator, proper fraction, improper fraction, mixed numbers, and common denominators. Follow math examples.

Working With Decimals (01:26)

The number 10 is the base of the decimal system; all whole numbers have an understood decimal point at the end. Topics include decimal value, decimal number, and using the word "and."

Adding & Subtracting Decimals (01:24)

Sometimes using zero as a placeholder is necessary when adding or subtracting decimals. Topics include places and alignment. Follow math examples.

Using the Metric System (03:51)

The weights and measures system, based on multiples of 10, is widely used for clinical purposes. Topics include units of measurement and when to use them, prefixes, abbreviations, common volume equivalents, and conversions. Follow math examples.

Credits: Basic Math for Nurses: Introduction (00:33)

Credits: Basic Math for Nurses: Introduction

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Basic Math for Nurses: Introduction

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Nurses in clinical environments will often encounter situations that require the use of mathematical formulas and computations, such as metric conversions, to provide safe and effective patient care. Therefore, it is essential for the nurse to have a strong understanding of basic math and good math skills. This program lays the foundation for nursing math skills with a review of the concepts of whole numbers and fractions, and the processes for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It teaches how to solve equations with fractions and decimels, discusses the numerical basis for the metric system, and lists the metric system's basic units of measurement.

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