Titles in this Series

Mental vs Physical

Item #: 273789

Managing Wellbeing

Item #: 273790

A Few Facts and Figures

Item #: 273791

Managing the Risks

Item #: 273792

The Warning Signs

Item #: 273793

Building Resilience

Item #: 273794

Managing Change

Item #: 273795

The Implementation

Item #: 273796

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Mental health and wellbeing is perhaps the most significant health and safety issue in the workplace today. Produced in 2020, this series is a comprehensive guide to dealing with this very topic. The programs focus on effective tips for managers and supervisors to ensure they are managing the mental health and wellbeing of their employees and teams, as well as their own well-being. A follow up series focuses on mental health training for workers.

Length: 33 minutes

Item#: BVL273788

Copyright date: ©2020

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