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Meet the Beer Industry's Women (02:07)


Women in the craft beer industry introduce themselves by announcing their varied roles and explaining their passion.

Becoming a Brewmaster (03:13)

Tonya Cornett, a Colorado brewmaster, recalls her introduction to craft brewing and her apprenticeship in brewing on an industrial scale.

European vs. American Beer Culture (01:16)

Tonya Cornett, a Colorado brewmaster, claims that American brewers take more risks and create a bigger variety because they're not pinned to a longstanding history, like Europeans.

Meet the Beer Community (01:10)

A beer community is made of consumers, distributors, and brewers who share a passion for beer and respect for the brewing process.

Becoming a Bar Owner (04:15)

Sarah Pederson, owner of a craft bar in Portland, OR, went from being a brewer's assistant to a beer-seller. She reflects on making this big life change.

Social Aspect of the Beer World (01:25)

Beer community members reflect on the camaraderie and other benefits shared by their tight-knit world.

Craft Beer Industry in 1990s (00:47)

At Great Western Malting in Vancouver, Canada, Teri Fahrendorf -- founder of the Pink Boots Society -- likens the craft brew industry in the 1990s to a wave that she was lucky to ride.

Gender in Brewing History (01:52)

Members of the craft beer industry trace the history of brewing as it shifted from a female-dominated world to a male-dominated one. A timeline highlights milestone moments for female brewers.

Portland's Holiday Ale Festival (01:25)

Sarah Pederson, owner of a craft bar in Portland, attends the Holiday Ale Festival and announces that she's pregnant.

Gender Bias in Brewing Community (02:18)

Members of the brewing community discuss the "boys club" feeling of the industry, as well as the physical barriers that are often overemphasized.

Harvesting Hops (02:29)

Go inside Goschie Farms, with owner Gayle Goschie, to watch the many steps involved in harvesting hops.

Beer Advertising (01:23)

Women in the craft brewing community criticize the male-targeted advertising that dominates the mainstream beer industry. Craft beer advertisements offer an alternative point of view and target a different market.

Pink Boots Society (01:45)

Teri Fahrendorf describes the origins of the Pink Boots Society. She visited breweries around the world and cultivated a community of female brewers like herself.

Gender Divide in Beer Drinking (01:17)

Members of the craft brewing community discuss the perceived gender divide among beer drinkers and wine drinkers.

Cleaning Tap Lines (01:52)

Watch Amy Welch, a tap line cleaner at a brewery, perform the many tasks of her job.

Decorating a Bar (02:24)

Sarah Pederson and her husband recall buying beer memorabilia -- or "breweriana" -- at flea markets to decorate their bar, Saraveza. Pederson reflects on the social nature of drinking beer.

Kids & the Beer Community (03:14)

Craft beer community members discuss the nature of children and teenagers whose parents are beer drinkers, brewers, and bar owners. They feel that community, citizenship, and artisanship contributes to parents' status as role models.

Beer-Lovers' Wedding (01:26)

Witness a wedding at Portland brewery, wherein craft beer plays a central role in the ceremony.

Craft Brewers Conference (02:04)

At the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago, IL, an Oregon congressman praises small businesses. Pink Boots Society founder Teri Fahrendorf speaks about involving women in the industry.

Taking Women Seriously (00:48)

At the Craft Brewers Conference trade show, brewmaster Tonya Cornett explains that salespeople and tradespeople don't often take her seriously.

Motherhood & Owning a Business (02:04)

Sarah Pederson describes the experience of being a pregnant tavern owner. She worries about her business suffering as she transitions into motherhood.

World Beer Cup Championship (04:01)

At the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago, brewmaster and former World Beer Cup champion Tonya Cornett nervously prepares for this year's ceremony. She wins again and reflects on being part of the "rockstar circle."

New Mother's Limitations at Work (02:06)

Tavern owner Sarah Pederson spends time with her newborn daughter. Due to complications during birth, she's limited in the amount of weight she can carry. She misses her bar.

Great American Beer Festival Judging (03:00)

Brewmaster Tonya Cornett travels to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO, where she competes and also judges. The judging process is revealed.

Mingling at the Great American Beer Festival (04:12)

At the Great American Beer Festival, brewmaster Tonya Cornett hands out samples of her beer, and tavern owner Sarah Pederson talks to a former professor about the gender imbalance in his classroom.

Pink Boots Society Outreach (00:46)

The Pink Boots Society holds their national meeting at the Great American Beer Festival, wherein they discuss ways to expand their base.

Honoring Fellow Brewmasters (00:55)

At the Falling Rock Tap Room in Denver, IL, legendary brewer Don Younger asks brewmaster Tonya Cornett to participate in an anniversary celebration -- an honor to any brewmaster.

Great American Beer Festival Awards (05:18)

Brewmaster Tonya Cornett attends the awards ceremony at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver and reflects on the artistry and pride involved in her submissions.

Cultural Exchange in Beer Community (01:18)

Brewmaster Tonya Cornett reflects on the exchange of ideas that occurs at brewers' conventions and on the momentum of cultural change in the Pacific northwest brewer community.

Getting Women Involved in Beer World (01:58)

Members of the craft beer community discuss the importance of visibility for women in the beer community, as well as the need to introduce women to drinking beer.

Bar Owner's Address to Her Patrons (01:20)

At the two year anniversary of her bar, owner Sarah Pederson addresses the crowd and invokes notions of community and education.

Equality in Brewing Industry (01:07)

Members of the brewing community comment on the natural and right place of women in the industry.

Brewmaster's Career Change (01:09)

Brewmaster Tonya Cornett announces she'll be taking a job at another brewery, managing their specialty beers and overseeing recipe development.

Secret to Bar Owner's Success (01:42)

Bar owner Sarah Pederson reflects on the hectic, rewarding balance of raising a family and running a business.

Credits: Women Who Brew: Breaking the Glass Ceiling for the Love of Beer (01:55)

Credits: Women Who Brew: Breaking the Glass Ceiling for the Love of Beer

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From both a marketing and a career-development perspective, the world of beer and brewing has long been male-dominated. Ads for major beer companies generally target men, and in the rapidly growing craft beer and ale industry, men own and operate the majority of breweries. But the latter situation is changing. This program follows a large number of women who have found success and fulfillment as brewery owners, pub owners, hops farmers, home-based and large-scale beer artisans, and other positions in the industry. Focusing on the Pacific Northwest’s burgeoning craft beer market, the film introduces thriving entrepreneurs and highly valued employees who have defied the assumption that beer is just for men. Award-winning brewmaster Tonya Cornett, celebrated publican Sarah Pederson, respected hops producer Gayle Goschie, and craft brewery pioneer and Pink Boots Society founder Teri Fahrendorf are among the many industry luminaries featured. Original title: The Love of Beer. (62 minutes)

Length: 72 minutes

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