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Forensic Science (04:38)


We learn what forensic science is and what happens when someone is shot in the head. Computer graphics enhance viewer understanding. Forensic scientists recreate the scene.

Forensics and Computer Modeling (02:17)

Forensics experts must determine all of the physical forces that are occurring during a shooting. Video footage from the recreation scene is modeled in the computer. This complex data is then analyzed. More research is undertaken when the computer model does not explain everything.

Forensic Biology: Fingerprint Analysis (03:57)

An expert explains the need for the proper reagents in analyzing fingerprints. Can some reagents interfere with DNA evidence? We watch the expert as she works in her lab to test reagents with blood-stained fingerprints.

DNA and RNA Studies (03:30)

Scientists hypothesizes that the more DNA and RNA have degraded, the longer the victim has been deceased. She places fingernails in different locations and conditions to test her hypothesis.

Marine Decomposition (03:56)

How are marine bacteria involved in the decomposition of animal and human remains in marine environments? A scientist considers bacteria as postmortem clocks that could reveal just how long a body has been submerged. She carries out studies.

Underwater Studies (02:34)

A scientist considers bacteria as postmortem clocks that could reveal just how long a body has been submerged. We learn about the studies she carries out.

Credits: Forensics: Ever Wondered? (Series 2) (00:59)

Credits: Forensics: Ever Wondered? (Series 2)

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How Is Science Being Used to Fight Crime? Ever Wondered? (Series 2)

Part of the Series : Ever Wondered? The Cutting Edge of Science and Technology (Series 2)
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In this episode, Dr. Michael Taylor of ESR, a government-owned New Zealand Crown research institute, gives host John Watt a crash course in forensic science and explains his own field of expertise: back spatter analysis. Nardia Foote is a grad student who works with Michael to better understand the process of back spatter relating to cranial gunshots. John catches up with Nardia at a firing range where she’s set up an experiment to see precisely what happens when a head is shot with different caliber firearms. Using several different guns, some molded gelatin and plastic casing to simulate a head, and a high-speed camera, Nardia gets to work simulating her very own crime scene. Original title: Forensics. A part of Ever Wondered? (Series 2). (22 minutes)

Length: 23 minutes

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