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Math: Unsung Hero of the Science World (04:08)


Victoria University mathematician Dillon Mayhew explains to host John Watt that unlike other sciences, math relies on logical deduction rather than experimentation for proof. He demonstrates by deriving a formula and proving it true.

Natural World Runs on Math (02:20)

Math is useful. For example, a formula tells us how long it takes a falling object to hit the ground. Host John Watt and mathematician Dillon Mayhew test the formula by dropping an apple from a balcony, in honor of Isaac Newton.

Biomathematics--Math and Evolution (02:07)

Mike Steele uses math in biology. At the Auckland Zoo, we learn that gene sequencing has yielded so much information that math is essential for making sense of it. The four nucleotide bases in DNA are represented by letters A, C, G and T.

Using Math to Solve a Genetic Puzzle (04:03)

To determine how related two organisms are, scientists compare their DNA base sequences. Mathematician Mike Steele illustrates using a deck of cards. Math is needed to sort out the sometimes misleading results of this approach.

Optimization and Game Theory (02:29)

Andy Philpott studies how to make the electricity market more efficient. Using game theory, he models the competitive behavior of firms. Playing tic-tac-toe illustrates the concept of equilibrium, which can be modeled and predicted.

Electric Power Optimization Center (03:04)

With only five firms, the New Zealand electricity market is heavily regulated in an effort to ensure cheap electricity for consumers. Andy Philpott has designed a computer game for five players that simulates the electricity market.

Effects of Asset Swaps on Electricity Prices (02:51)

Game theory expert Golbon Zakeri studies the effects of changes to the rules of the market. When the government forced the sale of two hydroelectric plants to increase competition, she predicted that prices could actually increase.

Credits: How Is Science Applying the Wonders of Mathematics? Ever Wondered? (Series 2) (00:33)

Credits: How Is Science Applying the Wonders of Mathematics? Ever Wondered? (Series 2)

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In its purest form it can provide endless riddles and puzzles to solve and provide solutions and answers to some of life’s biggest questions. And in practical ways it can help us make the best possible choices. This episode explores some of the wonders of mathematics, a scientific language used to explain the physical world and write the blueprints of the future. Original title: Math. A part of Ever Wondered? (Series 2). (22 minutes)

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