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Life of Bees (02:37)


Learn about the social organization of honey bees, and about the role of the queen and the worker bees. Bee pollination is so important to food crop production, that some people wonder what would happen to the human race without bees.

Bees in Trouble (04:29)

All around the world, bee populations are on the decline. One cause is the Varroa mite. We see the effects on healthy bees of a virus spread by the mite. One effective treatment is a chemical cocktail applied to the hives twice a year. A selective breeding program using artificial insemination produces virus-resistant bees.

Bees and Genes (03:01)

Environmental conditions influence gene expression. We learn how bees are helping scientists get closer to understanding genetic links to obesity, diabetes, and more. Can worker bees be changed into queen bees?

Bee Brain Research (04:52)

A scientist explores the "fascinating" area of bee biology. He studies learning and memory mechanisms in animal brains. Bees are used in these studies, which may one day have implications for human diseases.

Bees and Post-Surgical Recovery (04:16)

Results of bee studies find links to post-surgical patient recovery. We learn that anesthetics stop the biological clock, thus interfering with speedy recovery from surgery.

Light Therapy (01:45)

Research has shown that high-intensity light therapy can reset a patient's biological clock.

Credits: Bees: Ever Wondered? (Series 2) (00:31)

Credits: Bees: Ever Wondered? (Series 2)

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What Is Science Learning from Bees? Ever Wondered? (Series 2)

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What can we learn from the humble honeybee? A lot more than you might expect! This episode explains how bees are helping scientists get closer to understanding genetic links to obesity and diabetes and even unlocking some of the mysteries of the human mind. Also covered is the role people play in ensuring that bees will continue to be around to help pollinate the planet and propel us all into new areas of scientific discovery. Original title: Bees. A part of Ever Wondered? (Series 2). (22 minutes)

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