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Water for Agriculture (02:24)


Scientist Robert Henderson discusses the uneven rainfall in parts of New Zealand. Agriculture accounts for 66% of all of New Zealand's exports, and 81% of fresh water allocation is used in agriculture.

Water Resource (02:49)

New Zealand's farmers face a water problem. Too much water carries fertilizers to the rocks below the topsoil. Over watering is "bad for everyone." Bad management of water resource can have far-reaching consequences.

Computer Models (03:27)

Computer models are like crystal balls for scientists. They create models to anticipate the amount of flooding that could occur in an area of deforestation. Learn how to collect data on rainfall. The data is fed into the computer model

Water Resource and Climate Change (03:22)

The interplay of global climate systems and New Zealand's local climate system that will determine how climate change will affect the country. A scientist makes predictions about New Zealand's future climate from a computer model.

Irrigation Practices (03:48)

Intelligent irrigation practices are born from older, more traditional practices. Meet the two developers of an intelligent irrigation system that adapts to the environment.

Intelligent Irrigation: Variable Rate System (05:03)

Every nozzle in the intelligent irrigation system is individually controlled. An electromagnetic sensor that measures the conductivity of the farm is dragged over the entire farm. From the data gathered, the conductivity of the soil on every part of the farm is collected. A computer model illustrates the various soil types.

Credits: Water: Ever Wondered? (Series 2) (00:29)

Credits: Water: Ever Wondered? (Series 2)

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In New Zealand, agriculture accounts for about 80 percent of water usage and is the lifeblood of the economy. So it’s vital that the country stays one step ahead of droughts and floods by figuring out what its water map looks like and how it can use water more efficiently. This episode focuses on the work of innovative researchers who are doing just that. Original title: Water. A part of Ever Wondered? (Series 2). (22 minutes)

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