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New Zealand's Biodiversity (02:44)


Dr. John Watt visits NIWA and learns that New Zealand's economic zone has 17,000 known species and new species are being discovered at an astounding rate. See a giant bubble gum coral and a giant marine worm.

Importance of Biodiversity (01:07)

Hundreds of thousands of collected Invertebrates are waiting to be studied. New Zealand has marine life not found anywhere else in the world.

Parachnoidea Rowdeni (03:42)

Deep sea explorer Dr. Ashley Rowden explains the types of species that live on the barren ocean floor and feed on superheated chemical rich fluids oozing from undersea volcanoes. See his clam and Bryozoa discoveries.

Shortage of Taxonomists (02:21)

Michelle Kelly explains sponge cell regeneration. See her sponge collection including a glass and traditional bath sponge.

Carnivorous Sponge: Chondrocladia Meliiderma Turbiformis (02:49)

Taxonomist Michelle Kelly identifies sponges by their skeleton. Learn about spicules and the way sponges filter feed. See a species of sponge that feeds on tiny shrimp.

Sponge Toxins for Cancer Research (02:50)

A sponge discovery by Murray Munro and John Blundt led to the creation of an anti-cancer drug. Learn about the bioassay process.

Halichondrin-B (02:01)

After learning of their discovery, the National Cancer Institute commissioned scientists Murray Munro and John Blundt to collect one ton of "yellow slimy" sea sponge which only net 250 mg. of compound.

Creating an Analog (02:42)

Dr. John Watt breaks down a 3-D model of a drug molecule to explain the process of creating synthetic drugs. The analog for Halichondrin-B was named Eribulin which became available for use against breast cancer in 2010.

Legacy of Munro and Blundt (01:10)

In Dr. John Watt's final thoughts he reminds us that many mysteries still wait to be unraveled by scientists.

Credits: Mysteries of the Deep: Ever Wondered? (Series 2) (00:28)

Credits: Mysteries of the Deep: Ever Wondered? (Series 2)

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What lurks in our vast oceans that’s yet to be discovered? How many sea creatures are out there, and what secrets and potential benefits do some of them have? In this episode, host John Watt tries to get to the bottom of the mysteries of the deep and meets some newly discovered, alien-like sea life. Original title: Mysteries of the Deep. A part of Ever Wondered? (Series 2). (22 minutes)

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