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Southeast Queensland (01:05)


Southeast Queensland has one of the world's most consistent climates and averages 100 days of sunshine a year. Lin Sutherland describes her itinerary and highlights key places in southeast Queensland.

Eco Couran Cove (02:14)

A chain of three sand islands separates Moreton Bay from the ocean. Couran Cove is one of Australia's leading Eco-resorts. Lin Sutherland explores the island on a bicycle and walks a 20 kilometer sand beach.

Eco Couran Cove: Behind the Scenes (04:51)

Couran Cove has six gas powered generators and is self-sufficient. Kitchen waste is recycled in a worm farm. Drinking water is extracted from beneath the island and filtered. Couran Cove recycles human waste water for irrigation. Lin Sutherland learns more about Eco tourism and explores a rainforest.

North Stradbroke Paradise (02:58)

Surfing and fishing are popular activities on Stradbroke Island. Lin Sutherland and guide Barry Heap explore the bay. Sutherland learns the difference between red and gray mangrove trees. She kayaks down a creek and admires the wildlife.

Gold Coast Whale Watching (02:03)

Lin Sutherland watches whales from aboard Spirit of the Bay. About eight kilometers offshore, is the whale highway. She sees a small group of whales heading north and two dolphins.

Binnaburra Lodge (03:49)

Lamington National Park is World Heritage listed and one of the largest subtropical rainforests in Queensland. Lin Sutherland learns about the history of Binaburra Lodge. She rides a zip line through the rainforest canopy, repels down a cliff, and enjoys lunch at a restaurant overlooking the forest.

Binnaburra Lodge: A Vital Area (01:41)

Lin Sutherland explores the ancient rainforest surrounding Binnaburra Lodge. The rainforest represents16 types of forests, is home to 60 mammal species and has 500 waterfalls. Back at the lodge, Sutherland enjoys a massage.

Extreme Sport Gold Coast (03:14)

Every year, the Gold Coast is home to the Quiksilver Pro surfing event. Snapper Rocks is famous for its long right-hand break. Lin Sutherland joins expert skiers on the Coomera River. She recaps her trip in Southeast Queensland.

Credits: Southeast Magic: Travel Wild (Season 1) (00:30)

Credits: Southeast Magic: Travel Wild (Season 1)

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Australia's Southeast Queensland attracts visitors from every corner of the globe. With one of the world’s most consistent climates, it boasts 300 days of sunshine a year. This sunshine has sculpted the landscape with lush forests and golden beaches. In this episode, Lin Sutherland hikes through verdant World Heritage-listed rain forests, visits a renowned eco-resort, meets the wonderful migrating humpback whales, tries a few extreme sports, and explores the amazing Moreton Bay. Part of the series Travel Wild, Season 1. (23 minutes)

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