Can the great thinkers who shaped the economic landscape of the 20th century (and in the process its social and political contours) offer a clear path forward for the 21st? BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders wants to find out. In this three-part series, she introduces some of the pioneers of “the dismal science,” describing the events and milieus that shaped their ideas, the controversies surrounding many of their writings, and their complex economic prescriptions—some of which might shed light on today’s financial and monetary quandaries. Providing a foundation for modern economics history studies, the series also offers some interesting surprises along the way—such as Marx’s reluctant admiration of capitalism, parallels between Keynes’ view of German war reparations and worries about Greek debt repayment in 2012, and why strict adherence to Hayek’s logic led to an American being labeled a domestic terrorist. Produced by the Open University. 3-part series, 45–53 minutes each.

Length: 148 minutes

Item#: BVL51973

ISBN: 978-0-81608-766-2

Copyright date: ©2012

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“This documentary, shot in London, Vienna, and across the U.S., presents the most comprehensive history behind the current world depression...and traces the origins of the political power structure which rules the world today....The archival black-and-white film and still footage interspersed with current fascinating and used to remarkable effect. Recommended.” —Educational Media Reviews Online

Highly recommended by Video Librarian.

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