Segments in this Video

About Small Kitchen Appliances (01:45)


Author Paulette Mitchell provides a list of questions to ask yourself before buying small kitchen appliances. Learn the importance of personal hygiene and of following safety instructions that come with new appliances.

All about Blenders (02:40)

Learn about different kinds of kitchen blenders and how to use them. Author Paulette Mitchell demonstrates how to make a fruit smoothie.

Food Processors (04:10)

Food processors are designed especially for processing solid foods. Learn about several different types of blenders and how to use them. Author Paulette Mitchell demonstrates how to use different food processor blades and how to take care for a food processor. Learn how to make a carrot salad.

Kitchen Toasters (03:01)

Learn about toasters, toaster ovens, and safety precautions for both. Author Paulette Mitchell demonstrates how to make bruschetta in the toaster oven.

Kitchen Mixers (01:40)

Kitchen mixers come in different sizes and types. Author Paulette Mitchell demonstrates how to use two different kinds of mixers. She includes a recipe for honey butter.

Coffee and Tea Appliances (01:27)

Learn how to make good coffee and with several types kitchen appliances.

Rice Cookers (01:01)

Author Paulette Mitchell demonstrates how to use rice cookers.

Microwaves and Slow Cookers (02:25)

Learn tips about choosing an appropriate microwave oven. Safety precautions are included. Slow cookers come in different sizes and with different features.

Kitchen Grills (03:33)

Author Paulette Mitchell explains how to use kitchen grills. Learn how to make frilled chicken and panini sandwiches. Safety precautions are included.

Kitchen Fire Extinguishers (00:58)

Learn about the value of a kitchen timer and fire extinguisher.

Other Small Kitchen Appliances (02:21)

Author Paulette Mitchell discusses and demonstrates other small kitchen appliances such as a vegetable juicer, electric steamer, waffle maker, and electric skillet. Learn reminders about small kitchen appliances.

Credits: Small Kitchen Appliances (00:35)

Credits: Small Kitchen Appliances

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Small Kitchen Appliances

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Even a beginning chef can prepare healthy meals skillfully and efficiently from scratch, if he or she has the right small appliances. In this video, cookbook author and culinary instructor Paulette Mitchell offers advice on selecting the best kitchen appliances, showing how to use them while demonstrating simple, delicious recipes—including a banana-berry smoothie, a sunshine carrot salad, and a tuna melt. Viewers learn the importance of reading owners’ manuals and properly caring for appliances such as blenders, mixers, food processors, slow cookers, electric grills, toasters and toaster ovens, and more. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (27 minutes)

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