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1st Improvised Piece (07:32)


Barre Phillips takes the stage at Vienna's famous Porgy & Bess jazz club in 2005.

Dealing With It (14:26)

Before launching into his second improvisational piece, Barre Phillips talks about learning from his instrument. He seems to make the bass produce every sound of which it is capable, tapping, sliding and scraping over every surface.

3rd Improvised Piece (06:45)

Barre Phillips performs this bass piece entirely by plucking the strings.

4th Improvised Piece (10:17)

Barre Phillips discusses the physical make-up of the stand-up string bass and describes an early experience with the piano. This piece is performed with the bow and demonstrates multiple techniques.

Phillips & Hollenbeck at Play (15:23)

Barre Phillips introduces jazz drummer and composer John Hollenbeck, who joins Phillips for this improvised piece. See Hollenbeck employ percussive and vocal devices that he pulls from atop the piano strings.

Credits: Barre Phillips: Live in Vienna (03:42)

Credits: Barre Phillips: Live in Vienna

Barre Phillips Interview (01:58)

Barre Phillips says although there are no "fixed structures" for improvisation, a musician relies on a strong musical vocabulary and a "memory bank."

"Constructing" Music (02:04)

Like an artist or painter, the musician takes in the acoustics, the audience and other environmental materials available to create improvised music. Barre Phillips' orientation comes from his early influences, some of which discouraged him from becoming a musician. He studied languages and prepared to be an academic until age 25.

Free Jazz Movement (01:18)

Phillips explains the context of his musical education and career.

On Listening (01:25)

Barre Phillips explains that the improvisational musician must be able to transfer from being verbal, relying on words for images, to being able to make images from sound.

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Filmed in early 2005 at Vienna's famous Porgy & Bess jazz club, this concert features Barre Phillips on bass accompanied by John Hollenbeck on piano and drums. Insightful artist interviews are interwoven with the footage. Phillips is part of an exclusive group of well-improvising American musicians who fit comfortably into the free jazz of the 1960s as well as the European free improvising scene. He has performed and recorded with many of the jazz greats, such as Don Ellis, Bobby Hutcherson, Bertram Turetzky, and John Surman—and at the time of this concert was also the president-elect of the International Society of Bassists. This video offers a rare look at his immense talent. (62 minutes)

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