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Background (03:10)


In the 1990's the laddette appears in the popular media discourse. Dr. Jackson and students explain the characteristics of laddishness, which includes coarseness, cheekiness (to teachers) and being loud. Jackson discusses the creation of the ladette. Students reflect on ladette behavior.

Background II (02:13)

Dr. Jackson discusses the idea of aping perceived masculine behaviors--a growing trend. Laddishness includes the concept that working hard in school is not cool. Jackson shares her theories on, including the fear of failure, laddishness

Methodology (03:35)

Dr. Jackson explains why she used questionnaires and semi-structured interviews to study her theories on laddishness. She discusses the questions on the three questionnaires she gave to 800 students and the questions she asked 153 students.

Methodology II (01:37)

Dr. Jackson discusses the costs and benefits of questionnaires and interviews. in her laddishness research. Ethics is an increasingly important part of research. Jackson discusses the principles of ethical research.

Findings and Analysis (02:17)

Dr. Jackson states that social and academic motivations are the two main sets of reasons for laddishness; laddishness is a strategy.

Findings and Analysis II (05:52)

Dr. Jackson provides examples of how laddishness is expressed by girls and boys; students express their opinions. Jackson and students reflect on dual pressures at school and balancing motivations.

Findings and Analysis III (01:28)

Dr. Jackson discusses the relevance of social class in laddishness and the importance of resources on balancing motivations.

Implications (03:06)

Dr. Jackson discusses the implications of her laddishness study for educational policies, teachers, and students; reducing the fear of failure is a big step forward. Jackson discusses future studies and considers if laddishness is here to stay.

Credits: Carolyn Jackson: Lads and Ladettes in School (00:14)

Credits: Carolyn Jackson: Lads and Ladettes in School

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Carolyn Jackson: Lads and Ladettes in School

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This program explores the rise of “lad culture” and “ladettes”—females who adopt stereotypical male behavior such as being loud and drinking heavily—in U.K. schools. What’s driving the trend? What are its effects, and how can teachers deal with it most effectively? Psychologist Carolyn Jackson talks about the origins, methodologies, findings, and implications for teachers of her work on this phenomenon. Produced in Australia. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (24 minutes)

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