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Meet Jesse (01:22)


Jesse's mother asks him to cook a healthy dinner; he is not sure what healthy food is. Jesse lists the five concepts of this video to better understand how to create a healthy menu.

Function of Food (03:01)

Jesse discusses the role of food in modern society. Our bodies need food at regular intervals. Nutritional needs vary between childhood and adulthood. Signals from our stomach let us know that our bodies need fuel; nutrients provide us with the most energy. We see a summary of the Function of Food.

Understanding Nutrients (04:14)

Everything we eat has substances that replenish our bodies. Melanie McGrice states the seven main nutrients and their functions. Ingrid Hilton describes a well-balanced diet. Jesse discusses the Recommended Daily Intake guide (R.D. I.). We see a summary of Understanding Nutrients.

Today's Fast Paced Society (03:51)

Jesse discusses the concept of fast food. People on the street share how often they eat convenience foods. Convenience foods come in the forms of fast food and frozen dinners. Junk foods carry little nutritional value. We see a summary of Today's Fast Paced Society.

Designing Menus (04:52)

People on the street share what they prefer to eat. Melanie McGrice states that a well-balanced diet should incorporate the five main food groups. Jesse shops for healthy ingredients. McGrice reviews the ingredients. We see a summary of Designing Menus.

Different Menus (04:22)

Melanie McGrice helps viewers think about how to choose a snack. Ingrid Hilton discusses quick and easy meals for athletes. Jesse suggests changing your diet in small steps. See a summary and examples of quick and inexpensive meals.

Credits: Designing Menus for Healthy Diets (00:42)

Credits: Designing Menus for Healthy Diets

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Designing Menus for Healthy Diets

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Jesse’s mother has to work late, so Jesse is responsible for cooking the family a healthy meal—but he has no idea which ingredients to choose or how long the preparation will take. This program follows Jesse as he learns how to plan a well-balanced menu that fits in with a busy lifestyle. The video discusses the functioning of nutrients and their role in wholesome meals; menu-planning and basic items to keep on hand; and the growing trend of relying on convenience foods in today’s fast-paced society. Produced in Australia. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (23 minutes)

Length: 23 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-61753-465-2

Copyright date: ©2010

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