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Comfort of Living in Passive Energy Home (03:02)


One fifth of our carbon emissions come from heating and cooling buildings. A new type of building would use 90% less energy. (Credits) Dieter Roskoni describes the ambiance of living in the world's first passive house in Darmstadt Germany.

Insulation and Ventilation in Passive House (02:19)

Wolfgang Feist, co-developer of First Passive House, describes its energy savings--over 90%. See a model of an insulated wall and a blower door test used to determine air tightness. Learn about the energy recovery ventilation system.

Henry Gifford's Passion for Passive Energy (03:12)

Passive energy building in the U.S. is minuscule compared to Europe. Self-taught entrepreneur Henry Gifford describes his energy efficient building and plans for an apartment building that may be the first to meet passive house standards.

Germany's Passive Apartment Buildings (02:43)

Architect Georg Zielke has done passive house planning in western Germany since 2002. See a gymnasium built to Passive House Standards.

Passive Housing Across Europe (02:29)

Fredrik Kjellgren Architect designs custom passive homes in Sweden. Reinhard Weiss, of Austria, describes the benefits of passive design for social housing.

Passive Buildings Not More Costly to Construct (02:49)

Though not to Europe's Passive House Standards, fifty projects are underway in the U.S.. Sam McAfee retro-fits existing buildings for passive energy. Reduced need for copper piping makes up for the cost of extra insulation.

Building Energy Not Being Measured (02:37)

A variety of Green attributes are required for LEED Certification for environmentally friendly building in the U.S., but the defined benchmark of actual energy performance is not one of them. Germans studied energy building from examples in the U.S.

Passive Homes Provide Savings and Comfort (01:57)

Residents of passive homes enjoy noise and draft free living, good indoor climate and air quality. Passive home builders cannot imagine building any other way.

Credits: Passive Passion: Buildings Doing More with Less (00:27)

Credits: Passive Passion: Buildings Doing More with Less

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In 1990 European physicists set out to test the limits of cost-effective energy efficiency. The result was the first passive house, a four-unit townhouse that combined heavy insulation, airtightness, and heat-recovery ventilation to achieve reductions of up to 90 percent in the energy required for heating and cooling. This program introduces the passive house concept—popular in Europe, but slower to catch on in the States—and showcases some beautiful examples in Austria and Germany. Viewers meet co-originator Wolfgang Feist, who explains the mechanics behind the design; Henry Gifford, who hopes to popularize it in the U.S.; and Dieter Roskoni, who still lives in the first-ever passive house. (22 minutes)

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